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Mongolia: An unexpected bastion of democracy thanks to its youth

The Conversation published an op-ed by Julian Dierkes, a UBC professor and Keidanren Chair in Japanese Research, about recent elections in Mongolia. He wrote “the biggest question for the fate of […]

When the (empty) apartment next door is owned by an oligarch

The New York Times mentioned research by Jack Favilukis, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, in a story about the impact of foreign buyers on housing markets. Favilukis […]

Surgeon frustrated surgery unavailable in Canada

Brian Toyota, a UBC neurosurgeon, was interviewed in a CBC Manitoba story about an innovative treatment developed by researchers in Manitoba. Toyota treated more than two dozen patients using the […]

Fukushima images likely to be of melted nuclear fuel

Bloomberg interviewed M. V. Ramana, a professor at UBC’s Liu Institute for Global Issues, after new images show what may be melted nuclear fuel from one of Japan’s wrecked Fukushima […]

Psychology of imagined crimes

Julia Shaw, a UBC alumna, was interviewed in a Wired U.K. story about renowned psychologist Elizabeth Loftus. Shaw, a former PhD candidate at UBC, said Loftus is one of the […]

How we see senior woman

The Australian cited a op-ed by Jennifer Berdahl, a UBC professor of leadership studies, gender and diversity, about how senior female academics are viewed in male-dominated sectors. Berdahl discussed the […]

New Alzheimer’s approach scalpel not sledgehammer

Research by Weihong Song, a UBC researcher and the Canada Research Chair in Alzheimer’s disease, was featured in Spectator Health. Song examined possible improvements to treatments for Alzheimer’s patients.

Lost art of play: Crossing cultures to build connections

Guofang Li, a professor in UBC’s language and literacy education department, spoke to CBC about how children adapt to new cultures. Li said while play can be a way to […]

How law grads can compete in tight legal market

Forbes published an op-ed by UBC alumnus Andy J. Semotiuk about how law school graduates can succeed in a competitive market. Semotiuk, who studied law at UBC, advised grads to […]

Scientists know how to prevent catastrophic loss from forest fires

Lori Daniels, a UBC professor of forest ecology, was interviewed on CBC Radio’s The Sunday Edition about forest fires. She discussed how damage from forest fires can be mitigated, and […]

Microwave-based system takes stink out of manure management

The Vancouver Sun reported on a spin-off company from UBC that offers a solution to manure management practices on local dairy farms. Asha Srinivasan, a post-doctoral fellow at UBC, is […]

Vancouver’s latest affordable-housing strategy still misses mark

Nathanael Lauster, a UBC sociology professor, was quoted in a Globe and Mail article about the affordable housing strategy in Vancouver that involves laneway housing sales. Lauster said “we should […]

Does solar make sense in hydro country?

The Vancouver Sun quoted Martin Ordonez, a UBC professor of electrical and computer engineering, in an article about solar energy. He said emissions from coal-fired electricity are about 20 times […]

Lives Lived: Richard (Dick) Stace-Smith, 92

The Globe and Mail published an obituary for Richard Stace-Smith, a globally respected plant specialist and president of Vancouver’s VanDusen Botanical Garden. Stace-Smith studied agriculture at UBC. His children set […]

Stress, uncertainty, evacuees cope with impact of wildfires

Steven Taylor, a UBC psychiatry professor, was interviewed for a story on The Weather Network about the impacts of wildfires. He said even after relocating to safe evacuation centres, the […]

Opioids: Let’s find out why the dead are mostly men

Opioid research by Dan Bilsker, a UBC psychiatry professor, was featured in a Vancouver Sun article. Bilsker discussed the factors that contribute to higher rates of opioid-related deaths among men. […]

Unorthodox career path: ‘I stumbled from one thing to the next’

The Globe and Mail published an op-ed by Laura Dawson, a UBC alumna who is now the director of the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington and a fellow at the […]

Engineers invent 3D-printed device to monitor water quality

Metro News reported on engineers at UBC’s Okanagan campus who designed an affordable 3D-printed device that can warn people if their home water source is contaminated. Mina Hoorfar, the director […]

Is there a place for zoos in modern-day society?

David Fraser, at professor in UBC’s Animal Welfare Program, was interviewed for an article on zoos in Ottawa Magazine. He said the ambiguity that comes with defining a zoo is […]