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UBC’s 2016-2017 Annual Report

UBC’s 2016-2017 Annual Report has launched in a new downloadable format, it includes top highlights, high-level performance measures and financial information. 

Increased interest rates could mean higher Vancouver rental prices

Two experts from the UBC Sauder School of Business were interviewed after the Bank of Canada announced the first interest rate increase in seven years. CBC spoke with Thomas Davidoff, who said some […]

How best can you help save the planet?

The Guardian reported on research from UBC and the University of Lund that examines human behaviours and decisions that are most impactful in combatting climate change. Transatlantic flights, driving a […]

Teaching emotional intelligence could help children succeed

Agence Free Press featured research from UBC, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Loyola University. The study found emotional learning programs help teach children to recognize, and manage their […]

Forestry experts discuss B.C. wildfires

Several UBC experts were featured in stories about the B.C. wildfires. Lori Daniels, a UBC forestry professor spoke to Global about why we are seeing so many wildfires and explained […]

Timber Town 911: Wooden skyscrapers

King 5 News mentioned UBC’s Brock Commons in a story about wooden skyscrapers. The 18-floor building’s structure was completed less than 70 days after the prefabricated components were delivered to […]

Philanthropists’ home sale funds health research

The Vancouver Sun reported on a donation that helped create a $9-million health research endowment. One of the five scholars receiving a 2017 grant from the Friedman Foundation is Kaylee […]

Is your city being sold off to global elites?

Andy Yan, a UBC urban planner who has studied the regional housing market, was quoted in a Mother Jones article about housing. He discussed how Vancouver’s housing market “was on […]

Giant iceberg breaking off isn’t a sign of climate change this time

Christian Schoof, a UBC professor of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, spoke to Global about a giant iceberg breaking off in Antarctica. He discussed how big icebergs breaking off in […]

Canada can’t trust U.S. with sensitive intel, warns former CIA officer

The Tyee quoted Michael Byers, a UBC international relations professor, in a story about intelligence sharing between Canada and the U.S. He said Canada’s role in NATO, aerospace sector and […]