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Workshop: Gardening in Small Spaces


Life and death in a mountain town

Pique Magazine featured work by UBC researchers on how young men in Whistler dealt with death. The 2013 study by Genevieve Creighton, a researcher in UBC’s school of nursing, found […]

Waiting for the dust to settle

Pique Magazine quoted Gerald Baier, a UBC political scientist, about the future of B.C. politics. Baier discussed the uncertainty associated with the Green party holding the balance of power.

Academics and journalists are in on The Conversation

Alfred Hermida, director of UBC’s journalism school, spoke to the Toronto Star about The Conversation, a web-based model of “academic journalism.” Hermida founded the Canadian offshoot of the project with […]

Our 10 picks for Canada’s greatest brands of all time

Yann Cornil, a UBC marketing professor, was quoted in a Global story about the greatest Canadian brands. Cornil said Tim Hortons relies on its Canadian identity in international marketing and […]

Why a B.C. Green-NDP coalition is no slam dunk

CBC interviewed Max Cameron, a UBC political scientist, about the B.C. government ahead of the final results of the provincial election. Cameron believes it’s wrong to say that the Green […]

Skipping avocado toast won’t make housing more affordable

Thomas Davidoff, a UBC expert on housing policy, was quoted in a Vancouver Sun op-ed about housing supply. Davidoff weighed in on the B.C. Home Owner Mortgage and Equity Partnership Program, […]

Two B.C. engineers among those honoured at national awards

The Vancouver Sun reported on two UBC engineers who will be honoured at the Engineers Canada Awards. Veronica Knott is an undergraduate engineering student at UBC and Jonathan Holzman is […]

Too fast, too soon: How China’s growth led to the Tianjin disaster

The Guardian published a story co-produced by the International Reporting Program at UBC’s school of journalism. The story examines the 2015 warehouse explosion in Tianjin.

BC Tech touts Cascadia links ahead of federal government’s skilled foreign workers initiative

A donation from Microsoft to UBC and the University of Washington was mentioned in a Business in Vancouver article. The $1 million gift will go towards collaboration between the universities […]

Olympic swimmers to compete at UBC international swim meet

Daily Hive featured the upcoming international swim meet at UBC. UBC swim team head coach Steve Price said several Olympians will be competing in the event.

Parents who don’t vaccinate children viewed negatively by public

Various media outlets featured UBC sociology research that found parents who don’t vaccinate their children are viewed negatively. Richard Carpiano, a UBC sociology professor, said that if a parent has […]

Point Grey Triathlon


Sea lion yanked girl into water, parents blamed

Andrew Trites, the director of UBC’s Marine Mammal Research Unit, was quoted by various media outlets after a sea lion dragged a girl into the water in Richmond. He said […]

Diesel fumes proven to cause coughing and shortness of breath

The Daily Mail reported on a study involving UBC researchers that proves diesel fumes cause coughing and shortness of breath. Researchers from Imperial College London and UBC discovered diesel fumes […]

Exercise can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Time Magazine featured UBC research that examined the benefits of exercise in dealing with Alzheimer’s. Kathleen Martin Ginis, a professor of health and exercise sciences, found that physical activity is […]

How to improve odds of hiring the best people

Forbes cited UBC research on narcissism in a story about hiring the best employees. The 2014 psychology study examines why narcissists tend to outperform other candidates in job interviews.

DNA breakthrough on sunflowers could help beat climate change

Research on mapping the complete DNA of humble sunflower by Loren Rieseberg, a UBC botanist, was featured in a Mirror (U.K.) story. He said unraveling genomes of the sunflower has […]

Marine conservation needs a ‘Hippocratic Oath:’ UBC researcher

Nathan Bennett, a postdoctoral fellow in UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, spoke to CBC about the need for a Hippocratic Oath for marine conservation. He said marine conservationists […]