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MOA: Gallery of Northwest Coast Masterworks


Opinion: Our approach to opioid addiction isn’t working

Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes and Martin T. Schechter, faculty members in UBC’s school of population and public health, wrote an op-ed about the opioid crisis for The Province. They wrote about an […]

Girl dragged by sea lion treated for rare ‘seal finger’ disease

Two UBC professors weighed in after a sea lion dragged a girl into the water. The New York Post quoted Andrew Trites, the director of UBC’s Marine Mammal Research Unit, […]

Could video games be the key to athletic success?

Brian Christie, a neuroscientist with UBC and the University of Victoria, was quoted in a CBC story about the link between video games and athletic success. Christie discussed how the […]

Canada 150: Douglas Jung fought for Canada before Chinese-Canadians were recognized as citizens

Douglas Jung, a UBC alumnus, was featured on the Vancouver Sun‘s list of 150 notable British Columbians. Jung received a law degree from UBC and became Canada’s first Chinese-Canadian Member of Parliament.

Uncertainty the word as B.C. political parties wrestle for power

Max Cameron, a UBC political scientist, spoke to CBC about how Christy Clark will deal with the election results. He said nothing binds Clark to take a particular course of action.

1-hour walk, 3 times a week, has benefits for dementia

The New York Times featured UBC research that found a connection between exercise and benefits for those with dementia. Teresa Liu-Ambrose, the director of UBC’s Aging, Mobility and Cognitive Neuroscience […]

There’s way less coal than we thought

UBC research about estimates of the global coal supply was highlighted in a Bloomberg article. Justin Ritchie, a UBC PhD candidate in resources and the environment, and professor Hadi Dowlatabadi, […]

Finally, an Amazon for STI results?

The Daily Mail mentioned UBC research in a story about at-home testing for STDs. The microbiology researchers are working on discovering a cure for chlamydia.

Maryland’s eSports team is in the national quarterfinals

The Washington Post reported on the upcoming eSports competition that includes the “powerhouse team” from UBC. UBC’s team is looking for its third straight collegiate championship. A similar story appeared […]

Discussing mental health among men

CBC Radio’s On the Coast featured an interview with John Oliffe, a professor in UBC’s school of nursing, about mental health. Oliffe discussed the prevalence of suicide among the male population. […]

Yes, you can have a life outside the lab

Benjamin Martin, a UBC molecular biology PhD candidate, was quoted in a Science Magazine article about work-life balance. Martin discussed the importance of efficiency.

Why we get allergies

Donald Stark, a UBC professor of allergy and immunology, spoke to The Weather Network about causes of allergies. He said the current theory is that humans developed allergies as their immune […]

VGH receives $18.4M gift from late philanthropist

The Vancouver Sun reported on an $18.4 million gift to the Vancouver General Hospital from the foundation of philanthropist Leon Judah Blackmore. Blackmore was the founding donor for UBC’s Innocence Project […]

Notes on Red May

Jaleh Mansoor, a professor in UBC’s department of art history, visual art and theory, was quoted in a Seattle Weekly article about the Red May festival. Mansoor spoke against the […]

NATO members wonder where Trump stands on alliance

The Canadian Press interviewed Allen Sens, a UBC political science professor, about the state of NATO. He said “divergent views and interests are beginning to cause a serious strain in the […]

Student was blinded by her ex-husband, graduates from UBC

Various media outlets reported on Rumana Monzur, a recent UBC law graduate who came back to earn her degree after being blinded when her ex-husband assaulted her. Stories appeared in the […]

Liberal minority government confirmed in final vote count

Richard Johnston, a UBC political science professor and Canada Research Chair in Public Opinion, Elections and Representation was quoted in a Business in Vancouver story about the Liberal minority government. […]

Where goes Chinatown, so goes the City of Vancouver

Andy Yan, an adjunct professor at UBC’s school of community and regional planning and at SFU, wrote an op-ed for the Vancouver Sun about Vancouver’s Chinatown. He wrote that “development […]