The Green Party becomes the power broker in B.C.

Three UBC political science professors discussed the future of B.C. politics with various media outlets.

Maxwell A. Cameron, a political scientist and director of UBC’s Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, spoke to the New York Times about the role of the Green party in B.C. politics.

Cameron said Andrew Weaver is “in an exceptional position of power.” Cameron also spoke to CBC’s The NationalCBC Vancouver, CTV, Globe and Mail, and the Canadian Press.

The CP story appeared on City News, Calgary Herald, Times Colonist, and Castanet. A similar story appeared in the Vancouver SunThe Province and MSN. Cameron also wrote an op-ed for the Globe and Mail on the minority government situation.

Another similar CP story in the National PostCTVGlobal, and Metro News, also quoted Cameron and Kathryn Harrison.

Gerald Baier spoke to Business in Vancouver about the lieutenant-governor.