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How skyrocketing GTA rents left woman an ’emotional mess’

CBC Toronto quoted Paul Kershaw, a UBC professor at the school of population and public health and the founder of advocacy group Generation Squeeze, for a story about the emotional […]

Why women are getting more high-paying jobs

Fortune highlighted a study that found interpersonal skills are helping women move up in historically male-dominated fields. Henry Siu, a UBC economics professor and one of the study’s authors, said […]

Quantum theory can help us identify why we find jokes funny

Hindustan Times highlighted research from UBC’s Okanagan campus that used quantum models to explain why people find puns funny. Liane Gabora, a UBC psychology professor, said social and environmental factors […]

Teens bone strength increases with regular physical activity

MSN featured a UBC report from the department of family practice that detailed the benefits of physical activity for children in their developing years. Weight-bearing activity was found to be the […]

Inside China’s almost-totally-legal $400M Africa fishery

Wired quoted Daniel Pauly, the principal investigator at UBC’s Sea Around Us Project, about illegal Chinese fishing vessels. Pauly said European countries also bribe politicians, and threaten observers not to report the illegal activity.

Clean innovation goes West Coast

UBC’s Clean Energy Research Centre was mentioned in a Huffington Post story about clean technology. The centre is partnering with the Squamish Nation and Carbon Engineering to create a clean […]

World Academic Summit 2017: Full programme announced

UBC president Santa Ono will speak at Times Higher Education’s flagship event at King’s College London. Nobel laureates are also among those giving talks.

Attack ads get the job done — but at what price?

Maxwell Cameron, a UBC political science professor with the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions, spoke to CBC about the toxic effect of political attack ads. He said extremely […]

Mid-income families need housing support: Former planner

Metro News interviewed Larry Beasley, a professor at UBC’s school of community and regional planning, about the need for housing support among middle-income families. He said the housing crisis should be […]

Why exercise makes your brain bigger

Vogue Australia mentioned a UBC psychology study that showed regular aerobic exercise increased the part of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning.

Quirks question: Could alien spacecraft hide in asteroid belt?

CBC’s Quirks and Quarks featured an interview with Jaymie Matthews, a UBC professor of physics and astronomy. He said that a spaceship hiding in asteroid belt is possible, provided that […]

B.C. First Nation latest to take control of water problems

CBC Indigenous mentioned UBC’s RES’EAU-WaterNET project in a story about a new water system in Lytton First Nation. The UBC project aims to find engineering breakthroughs to assist in clean […]

Gene researchers seek to shield B.C. fish, forests

UBC researchers will use genomics to identify species that are resistant to the effects of climate change, and accelerate their breeding, Business in Vancouver reported. Patricia Schulte, a UBC zoology […]

Improper evidence may have swayed jury, court rules in ordering new sex-assault trial

Janine Benedet, a professor at UBC’s Peter A. Allard School of Law who specializes in sexual-assault law, spoke to the Globe and Mail about a sex-assault trial. Benedet said the […]

UBC’s Next Century


Northern Miner 52: Anniversary edition!

The Vancouver Courier highlighted a Northern Miner podcast featuring an interview with Craig Hart, director of UBC’s Mineral Deposit Research Unit. Hart spoke about the new Yukon-Alaska Metallogeny project.

Op-ed: Budget 2017 doesn’t prioritize younger generations

Daily Hive published an op-ed by Paul Kershaw, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, about the federal budget. He wrote that the budget favours Canada’s older […]

Breaking racial barriers

Castanet reported on an upcoming discussion on racial and cultural barriers for new Canadians in the Okanagan, hosted by UBC’s Okanagan campus. Clips from an upcoming documentary film will also […]