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Discussing Trump hotel protest in Vancouver

CBC’s B.C. Almanac interviewed Rima Wilkes, a UBC sociology professor, about the protests outside the opening of Donald Trump’s hotel in Vancouver. Wilkes said if protests like this continue, it could […]

Trump’s tax cut could ‘erase Canada’s advantage’

Global quoted Kevin Milligan, a UBC economics professor, in an article about the implications for Canada if the U.S. implements a corporate tax cut. Milligan wrote that Canada should wait […]

Do scientists lose credibility when they become political?

The Atlantic quoted Simon Donner, a climate scientist and UBC geography professor, about a study that found the public is more accepting of advocacy by climate scientists than previously thought. […]

Deadly air

Business Standard featured the 2017 State of Global Air report by institutes at UBC and the University of Washington. The report found that annually, approximately 1.1 million people died prematurely […]

Regions differ in Indigenous acknowledgement at universities reported on a UBC study that identified five different types of Indigenous acknowledgement at universities in B.C., the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic. Linc Kesler, study co-author, director […]

UBCO instructor shortlisted in astronaut search

Richard Federley, a chemistry instructor at UBC’s Okanagan campus, has made the shortlist to be to be one of the next two astronauts for the Canadian Space Agency program, Global […]

How to get better customer service, and skip the rage

Malay Mail Online mentioned UBC research in a story about how to receive good customer service. The study from the faculty of management at UBC’s Okanagan campus suggested that the […]

Anda Union unveil forgotten Mongolian musical treasures

Broadway World featured an upcoming performance at UBC’s Chan Centre by the renowned folk group Anda Union. Members of the group come from regions across Inner Mongolia and will perform […]

Feds giving UBCO $1 million

Global reported on the announcement that more than $1 million in funding will support four research projects at UBC’s Okanagan campus. The funds will support UBCO’s Centre for Translational Research […]

Furlong warmly received for speech after he was initially uninvited

Various media outlets reported on John Furlong’s speech at a UBC fundraiser. Furlong’s speech was initially cancelled, then he was reinstated as the keynote speaker for the event. Stories appeared […]

Vancouver summers could get as warm as San Diego

James Tansey, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, spoke to Global about a 2016 climate projections report by Metro Vancouver. Tansey said that climate models like this have value, but […]

UBC researchers pioneer mapping of CO2 emissions in cities

Metro News featured UBC research that aims to map greenhouse-gas emissions by using lightweight sensors in car2go vehicles to gather carbon-dioxide data in the city’s streets. Andreas Christen, a UBC atmospheric science […]

Historian Daniel Vickers had a brush with Hollywood

The Globe and Mail published an obituary for Daniel Vickers, a former chair of UBC’s history department. Vickers was one of the most respected historians of colonial America and his work […]

Student Master Class with Homa Hoodfar


Discussing LGB teens and sports

Elizabeth Saewyc, a UBC professor of nursing, was interviewed on Roundhouse Radio about her study on LGB youth participation in sports. Saewyc said it was disheartening to find that organized […]

What is social licence? Vancouver panel debates on March 14

Fred Bunnell, a UBC forestry professor emeritus, was mentioned in a story in The Tyee about an upcoming panel on the concept of social license. Bunnell has said that a community’s […]

Raising the veil on communication in the sex sector

Various media outlets reported on a UBC study that aims to find out how people who buy and sell sexual services use technologies like smartphones and websites to communicate with […]

Cycling advocate says helmet laws ‘counterproductive,’ doctor disagrees

CBC Nova Scotia mentioned UBC research in an article about helmet laws in Nova Scotia. The research from UBC’s school of population and public health found a similar level of […]

Stars of the Week: Kelly Murray driven to succeed in hockey homestretch

The Province featured UBC Thunderbirds hockey player Kelly Murray as one of UBC’s sports stars of the week. Swimmers Yuri Kisil and Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson were also mentioned in the story.

Rent increase for young people in Vancouver, Toronto

Paul Kershaw, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, was quoted in a Ming Pao Vancouver story about young people leaving Toronto due to the rising cost […]