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Could blocking illegal fentanyl from China solve B.C. opioid crisis?

CBC cited a UBC report for an article on the illegal exports of synthetic opioids from China to B.C. The 2013 report found that reducing illicit drug supply using law enforcement does […]

Canada’s new arrivals develop new allergies, study finds

A UBC study has found that Canadian immigrants develop new allergies, CBC reported. Hind Sbihi, a PhD candidate in UBC’s school of population and public health, said that allergies arise […]

Climate change accelerates, floating cities look less like pipe dream

Simon Donner, a UBC geography professor, was quoted in a New York Times story about the concept of creating floating cities in the South Pacific as climate change leads to […]

B.C. health officer pushes for Euro-style heroin treatment programs

The Canadian Press quoted Michael Krausz, a UBC psychiatry professor and leadership chair for addictions research, about the need to follow a European model for heroin treatment. Krausz said people […]

Environmentalism of the rich

Huffington Post featured a new book by Peter Dauvergne, a UBC political science professor. In Environmentalism Of The Rich, Dauvergne details the practices of consumers in wealthy Western countries who […]

Pregnant women Vitamin A deficiency ups Alzheimer’s risk for child

Various media outlets reported on a UBC study that found mice deprived of vitamin A in the womb were more likely to develop dementia symptoms later in life. Weihong Song, […]

NASA mission inspired competition for engineering students

Breakfast Television featured UBC engineering students who took part in a competition replicating NASA’s 2005 Cassini mission that successfully landed a probe on Saturn’s largest moon. Twenty teams aimed to […]

Canada urged to stop border agreement on refugees

Vice quoted Efrat Arbel, a UBC law professor, about an agreement that prevents anyone who enters Canada by way of the U.S. from applying for refugee status. Arbel, who is studying the Safe Third Country Agreement, […]

Illuminating love: On Carrie Jenkins’s “What Love Is”

The Los Angeles Review of Books featured work by Carrie Jenkins, a UBC philosophy professor. In her new book What Love Is: And What It Could Be, Jenkins challenges the […]

GM jobs are just the tip of what Canada has lost to Mexico

Global quoted two UBC Sauder School of Business professors for an article about job losses at a General Motors plant in Ontario. Keith Head said high-income countries like France and […]

Cat caught on camera: Kelowna bobcat video goes viral

Global interviewed UBCO biology masters student TJ Gooliaff after multiple bobcat and cougar sightings in the Okanagan Valley. Gooliaff is working on a study on the distribution of lynx and […]

Are your loved ones snooping into your Facebook profile?

The CW featured UBC research that found one in five adults have secretly accessed social media accounts of their friends, romantic partners or family members using the person’s own device. […]

Pete McMartin: Who goes there? Friend or foe?

The Vancouver Sun published an op-ed about Matilde Bombardini, a UBC economics professor, after a talk she booked switched venues to the Trump hotel.

Vancouver biotech firm’s ‘3D bio-printing’ to create human tissue

The Vancouver Sun featured 3-D printing work from a Vancouver biotech company that may one day help patients who tear, rupture or damage cartilage or other body tissue. According to […]

Musqueam siblings trace father’s roots to China, find B.C. history

Henry Yu, a UBC history professor, spoke to the Vancouver Sun about a documentary film centred on family reunion, respect for elders and ancestors, and a welcoming of fresh beginnings. Yu […]

B.C. to lift foreign-buyer tax for those with work permits

Thomas Davidoff, a UBC Sauder School of Business professor, spoke to the Globe and Mail after Premier Christy Clark announced that international citizens working and paying taxes in B.C. will […]

Automated future: Computers, robotics changing retail, workplaces

Leo Stocco, a UBC biomedical engineer in the school’s robotics lab, was interviewed for a Vancouver Sun story about the role of robotics in the workforce. Stocco said there’s a […]

For indigenous communities, fish mean much more than food

The Conversation published an op-ed by two UBC researchers about the significance of seafood for coastal indigenous peoples around the globe. Yoshitaka Ota and Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor, researchers with the Nippon Foundation-UBC Nereus […]