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UBC experts on Trump’s inauguration

UBC experts on Trump’s inauguration

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump takes office on Jan. 20. UBC experts are available to comment on a variety of issues related to the Trump administration.

Discussing overfishing in oceans

BBC reported on research from UBC professors Dirk Zeller and Daniel Pauly that found the world’s annual fish catches had been seriously underestimated. Pauly said fish that are discarded and caught […]

How do trees collaborate?

NPR highlighted research by Suzanne Simard, a UBC forest ecologist, that explored how trees use underground fungi networks to communicate and share resources. Simard’s work showed how these complex, symbiotic networks […]

Can’t code? UBC tech contest still wants your app idea

CBC reported on a 12-hour marathon smartphone app designing contest at UBC. The top three of the participating 24 teams received thousands of dollars’ worth of design and software tools, […]

I’m part of Generation Sushi — don’t make me give it up

The Sunday Times featured research by UBC professors Daniel Pauly and Dirk Zeller that found our love of sushi may be harming both our health and the environment. The researchers found that […]

Students compete to redesign area around Evergreen Line station

CBC reported on a design challenge for students from real estate programs at UBC, the University of Washington and Portland State University. The Pacific Northwest Real Estate Challenge will centre […]

Suitcase connects Carrier woman with grandma she never knew

CBC reported on a display at UBC’s Liu Institute for Global Issues that tells the story of a member of the Carrier Nation. The display, called The Suitcase, is available for public […]

Researchers want sepsis treated as separate cause of illness

CBC interviewed Niranjan Kissoon, a UBC professor in the department of pediatrics and co-author of an editorial that states sepsis should be treated as a separate cause of illness and […]

Scientists explore animal emotions

The New Zealand Herald reported on a dairy-calf trial project run between UBC’s animal welfare program and New Zealand’s AgResearch institute. The project measured emotions, particularly anticipation levels of the animals.

Experts weigh in on NY Times article on B.C. political cash

Global quoted Maxwell Cameron, a UBC political science professor, about American coverage of the annual, political donation-supplied $50,000 stipend given to Premier Christy Clark. Cameron said global discussion on the […]

Cold weather vs. mountain pine beetle

Global featured an interview with Allan Carroll, a professor in UBC’s department of forest sciences, for a story on how beetles survive cold weather. Carroll said mountain pine beetles produce […]

High cost of pharmaceuticals: Canada’s drug problem

CBC’s The Fifth Estate featured an interview with Steve Morgan, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, about the need for national pharmacare in Canada. Morgan said […]

UBC engineers say e-waste more lucrative than ore from ground

UBC mining engineers have discovered that electronic waste is proving to be a richer source of valuable metals than any ore pulled from the ground, the Vancouver Sun reported. PhD candidate Amit Kumar and […]

UBC’s rising astronomy star Kunimoto seeks distant worlds

The Vancouver Sun featured Michelle Kunimoto, a UBC astronomy student who discovered four planet candidates by analyzing data gathered by NASA’s Kepler satellite. Kunimoto, age 23, was recently named to […]

Hidden industry serves new moms who follow Chinese custom

Wendy Hall, a UBC nursing professor, spoke to the National Post for a story about the call for regulation of an “underground” industry that caters to immigrant mothers who observe the postpartum custom […]

Editorial: Everyone, not just homeowners, deserves tax break

The Vancouver Sun mentioned Thomas Davidoff, a UBC Sauder School of Business professor and real estate expert, in an editorial about the increased homeowner grant threshold. Davidoff said the money […]

David Suzuki developed rare talent for mass public education

David Suzuki, a former UBC genetics professor, was named to the Vancouver Sun’s list of 150 notable British Columbians. Suzuki, an environmental activist and scientist, gained fame as the award-winning […]

Funding community-based programs can help reduce male suicide

The Hill Times published an op-ed by Britney Dennison, from UBC’s Men’s Health Research project, and John Oliffe, a professor in the school of nursing, about the need for government agencies to support community-based […]