Is the National Housing Strategy outdated before it begins?

The Province published an op-ed by Paul Kershaw, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, about the national housing strategy.

“The federal government’s study is inadequate so long as it doesn’t also engage with the privilege many in my mom’s demographic have gained from a housing market that squeezes out those who follow in their footsteps,” he wrote. “And its study is inadequate if it doesn’t signal as much urgency to ease the housing squeeze for younger Canadians as it does for older citizens.”

Kershaw also spoke to Vice about the implications of millennials not being able to purchase homes.

“There is a domino relationship between people making initial acquisitions and then people making sales more generally,” he said. “If people stop making initial acquisitions there is a possibility that further sales and other parts of the retail sector will slow down and then that will have an impact on the price people can sell their homes.”