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Loblaws shopper says she was secretly signed up for credit card

CBC interviewed David Silver, a professor at UBC Sauder School of Business, for an article about a shopper who was signed up for a credit card without her knowledge. Loblaws hired […]

People get ahead in life by using one of two strategies

Quartz published an op-ed by Jessica Tracy, a UBC psychology professor, about the elements that helped Donald Trump win the U.S. presidential election. “Roughly 47 per cent of American voters […]

Mice take selfies of their own brains

Scientific American featured research by Timothy Murphy, a UBC professor of cellular and physiological sciences. Murphy and his team developed a high-tech cage for mice that records every move the […]

Authors sign letter questioning due process for Galloway case

Huffington Post reported on the ongoing tension in the Canadian literary community prompted by an open letter by prominent authors criticizing UBC’s handling of the Steven Galloway case. Similar articles appeared in […]

Could Delaware become a tax-free cannabis haven? featured UBC research that found smoking marijuana can benefit mental health. “Research suggests that people may be using cannabis as an exit drug to reduce the use of substances […]

Flirting facts people should know

Business Insider Australia featured a 2011 study on preferred facial expressions by Jessica Tracy, a UBC psychology professor. The study found happiness was the most attractive female expression, but one […]

Trump win sparks American interest in Canadian universities

Karen McKellin, executive director of UBC’s international student initiative, spoke to the Canadian Press for a story on how increased interest in Canadian schools could be offset by the economic consequences of […]

Lasting effects of flu vaccine

The Globe and Mail quoted John Schrader, a professor in UBC’s department of medicine, for an article about the possibility of a universal flu vaccine. Schrader has published research showing that […]

U of T prof defends right to use gender-specific pronouns

The Globe and Mail featured a debate on gender identity and expression at the University of Toronto that included Mary Bryson, a UBC professor of education. “Rather than focus on […]

New $4M Canada-India initiative led by UBC

The Vancouver Sun reported on a research-development initiative between India’s Department of Science and Technology, India’s biotechnology department and IC-IMPACTS that will provide $4 million for 10 new projects. IC-IMPACTS […]

Speculators buying farm land while exploiting tax breaks

Tsur Somerville, a real-estate expert at UBC Sauder School of Business, spoke to The Globe and Mail about the provincial law that allows the value of farmland to be judged by […]

B.C. tech sector growing fast it’s hard to measure industry size

The Globe and Mail mentioned UBC in an article on the growing tech sector in B.C. One of the four main sectors in the province is life sciences and health, including […]

Who’s to blame after an overdose?

Isabel Grant, a UBC law professor, spoke to The Globe and Mail about the increasing trend of manslaughter charges for dealers alleged to have sold drugs that led to overdoses. […]

Okanagan is only apple maggot-free zone in North America

The Vancouver Sun reported on a new website created by a student at UBC’s Okanagan campus that aims to raise awareness about an invasive fruit fly. The apple maggot prevention […]

Climate change may prevent volcanoes from cooling Earth

The Vancouver Sun reported on UBC research that found climate change could impede the cooling effect of volcanic eruptions. “Volcanic eruptions also release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and that can […]

Plan for giant buildings in Chinatown comes under fire

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Henry Yu, a UBC history professor, for an article on a new city proposal to allow buildings up to 200 feet wide in Chinatown. Yu has […]

On the lookout for rats

The Vancouver Courier highlighted a UBC student who aims to develop a surveillance system to track the rodent population. Michael Lee will be starting his PhD at UBC’s school of […]

GRC wants to train better foreign correspondents

Maclean’s featured the Global Reporting Centre at UBC and its focus on international journalism. The program will build on the international reporting program taught by Peter Klein, a UBC journalism […]

Vancouver should prohibit new single-family home construction

Metro News interviewed Nathanael Lauster, a UBC sociology professor, and Thomas Davidoff, an economics professor at UBC Sauder School of Business, for an article about single-family home construction in Vancouver. […]