World leaders look to ‘Trump-proof’ climate change plans

Two UBC professors spoke to local media outlets about the potential implications of international climate change issues under President-elect Donald Trump.

Simon Donner, a UBC geography professor who specializes in climate research, spoke to News 1130 about the mood during climate meetings among international delegates in Morocco.

“The [Paris] Agreement was in a way designed to be Congress-proof, and now there’s a real push here in Marrakech to put the plan in place in a way that makes it really Trump-proof, so that there’s agreement from other countries that they’re going to take action regardless of what happens in the United States,” Donner said.

Kathryn Harrison, a UBC political science professor, discussed the potential impact of Trump’s policies on Roundhouse Radio.

She said if the U.S. withdraws or takes a step back from the Paris Agreement to combat climate change, it would send a “chilling message to other countries.”