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Finding a rich vein of humour in China’s past

The New York Times featured an interview with UBC literary and cultural historian Christopher Rea, whose new work The Age of Innocence: A New History of Laughter in China, traces […]

Children learn from iPad apps as well as from humans

The Daily Mail featured UBC research (with video) that found teaching children with iPad apps yielded the same result as teaching in person. “We actually found that children learned just […]

Low kindergarten vaccination rates a public health concern

UBC researchers have found that some of the lowest vaccination rates among kindergarten students were found in North Vancouver and West Vancouver, CBC reported. Researchers found most schools do not have immunization rates […]

Visiting tips for dog owners and their guests

Stanley Coren, a UBC professor emeritus of psychology, was quoted in the Chicago Tribune for an article on managing pet dogs. “The controls you put on toddlers work with dogs,” […]

Sea lion research station scrambles as funding dries up

UBC’s open water research centre could be shut down after it lost its funding from the U.S. government, CBC reported. UBC Marine Mammal Research Unit director Andrew Trites said he […]

Discussing the success of far right political parties

Yves Tiberghien, a UBC political science professor, spoke to CBC’s On the Coast about the recent successes of far right political parties. Tiberghien noted the implications that may come with […]

Smoking cannabis ‘may help alcoholics to quit drinking’

Yahoo U.K. featured UBC research that found smoking marijuana could help alcoholics kick their drinking habit. “Research suggests that people may be using cannabis as an exit drug to reduce the use of […]

Vancouver scientist develops new method for detecting food fraud

Yaxi Hu, a PhD candidate in UBCs faculty of land and food systems, was interviewed on CBC’s Early Edition, after she won the Mitacs Award for Outstanding Innovation for her […]

Almost half of discarded cigarettes butts at UBC are contraband

The Vancouver Sun reported on a study that found almost half of discarded cigarette butts found at UBC are contraband. Of the top 10 B.C. locations with the highest rates […]

Dealing with medical marijuana in the workplace

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Mark Haden, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, and Mark Thompson, a professor emeritus UBC’s Sauder School of Business, about the challenges […]

A few facts about superbugs in Canada

Natalie Strynadka, a UBC professor of molecular biology, and Marc Ouellette, the scientific director of CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity, was featured in a Vancouver Sun story about the phenomenon of drug-resistant […]

World leaders look to ‘Trump-proof’ climate change plans

Two UBC professors spoke to local media outlets about the potential implications of international climate change issues under President-elect Donald Trump. Simon Donner, a UBC geography professor who specializes in […]

Will teachers who left B.C. return after Supreme Court ruling?

CKNW interviewed Charles Ungerleider, a UBC professor emeritus of educational studies, after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the province must restore class size and composition to 2002 levels. He addressed […]

Why Wade Davis photographs

The Tyee featured Wade Davis, a UBC anthropology professor, who is also a celebrated explorer and photographer. Davis discussed the cultural diversity represented in his new photography book. “We have […]

Engineering not just a profession, it’s a school of thought

Workshops conducted in Mumbai by Mina Hoorfar, a professor and director of the school of engineering at UBC’s Okanagan campus, were featured in the Times of India. The workshop centred […]

Van Mag’s ranking of the year’s most powerful people

UBC President Santa Ono was named one of Vancouver Magazine’s 50 most powerful people in the city. The article reported that Ono, ranked number 33 on the list, was able […]

Runner turns from apprentice to leader

UBC Thunderbirds runner John Gay was featured in an article in The Province. This weekend Gay, the lead runner on the top-ranked men’s team, will help the TBirds in their […]

Zena Sharman on making health care more inclusive

Zena Sharman, a UBC alumna and health researcher, was interviewed by the Globe and Mail about how health care can be more inclusive for LGBTQ patients. “People who are lesbian […]