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Kids can’t sleep? Researcher wants to help parents

CBC highlighted research from Wendy Hall, a UBC nursing professor, that details a one-month sleep-improvement program for parents of children with sleep problems. Hall discussed how the video exercises work. “It’s very interactive and […]

When will robots take all the jobs?

The Atlantic quoted Henry Siu, a UBC economist, for a story about the future of robots taking over human jobs in the workforce. The story’s premise is that it takes […]

UBC’s new sexual assault policy one step closer

UBC is finalizing consultations on its new sexual policy which was drafted after the school was criticized over how it handled several high-profile incidents, CBC reported. Louise Cowin, UBC’s vice […]

Ideal cycling speed is 8 to 9 miles per hour

Citylab featured UBC research that found exerting too much energy while walking or biking on city streets can increase the amount of airborne pollutants you inhale. Alex Bigazzi, a civil engineering […]

Understanding mind-wandering could shed light on mental illness

Science Magazine quoted Kalina Christoff, a UBC psychology professor and the lead author of a review examining the implications of mind-wandering. “Sometimes the mind moves freely from one idea to another, […]

Canada, China at dawn of golden decade

The Chinese paper Global Times interviewed Paul Evans, a professor at UBC’s Institute of Asian Research, about the expectations for Canadian-Chinese relations under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “Under Trudeau, Canadians are […]

The spooky science behind Ouija boards

The Toronto Star featured research by Ronald Rensink and his colleagues at UBC’s visual cognition lab about our unconscious minds and how it relates to the way we use Ouija […]

Focus on innovation, not more cash, to improve health care

Steve Morgan, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, was quoted in a Canadian Press story published on CBC about the need for an agency that would share […]

Facebook users check in at pipeline protest to confuse police

CBC quoted Alfred Hermida, the director of UBC’s journalism program, on the phenomenon of people posting on social media that they are at the South Dakota pipeline protests to confuse police. It […]

What happened to hope, America?

Richard Johnston, a UBC political science professor, spoke to iPolitics for an article on the lack of hope in the United States. He said that Donald Trump’s accusations that the […]

What’s the role of a school trustee: Advocate or steward?

The Tyee interviewed Jason Ellis, a UBC education studies professor, about the role of school trustees after the entire Vancouver School Board was fired. “You have to think of the public schools […]

Layers of Influence: Unfolding Cloth Across Cultures Opening


Donation for studying health at UBC

Business in Vancouver reported on a $3.3 million donation to UBC students studying health from the Constance Livingstone Friedman and Sydney Friedman Foundation. Constance and Sydney Friedman were the first people […]