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Waste not, want not

The Economist featured UBC zoology research that looked into ammonia usage in sharks. Chris Wood, a UBC zoologist, and Marina Giacomin, a PhD candidate, discovered that sharks were able to […]

This type of exercise can help ward off Alzheimer’s

Time Magazine featured UBC research on the benefits of strength training for older women. The study from UBC’s department of physical therapy found resistance training was linked with improved cognitive […]

Brazil’s psychedelic rehab center treats addicts with ayahuasca

Vice featured a 2013 UBC study for a story on ayahuasca, a non-addictive tea found to eliminate drug cravings. The study from UBC’s school of population and public health found […]

How Halloween can boost your sex life

ABC mentioned a UBC study that linked fear and personal connections in a story about the ways Halloween can boost your sex life. Psychology researchers found that fear makes us want […]

World’s largest marine reserve hailed as diplomatic breakthrough

Nature quoted Daniel Pauly, a UBC marine biologist, about the international deal to create the world’s largest marine reserve in the Southern Ocean off the coast of Antarctica. Pauly said the designated […]

No business like snow business

Popular Science highlighted research from UBC’s Okanagan campus that found buildings could cool their air more efficiently using snow. The researchers ran an apartment building’s air supply through a pile of snow, […]

Glaciers focus in Australian Antarctic Division’s latest research

The Herald Sun interviewed Christian Schoof, a UBC professor of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, about the Antarctic glaciers. He said as the air temperature around Antarctica warms, a growing melt pond formation […]

Airbnb taking 300 units out of Victoria’s rental pool

CBC featured a report on Airbnb suites in Vancouver by Jay Wollenberg, an adjunct professor at UBC’s school of community and regional planning. Wollenberg said if the suites and homes […]

Foreign purchases of Metro Vancouver homes plunge

Tsur Somerville, a professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, spoke to CBC after Finance Ministry data showed a drop in homes purchased by foreign buyers in Metro Vancouver. “[The foreign […]

This week’s highlights from the U.S. campaign trail

Global News interviewed Maxwell Cameron, a UBC political science professor about this week’s U.S. campaign trail events. Cameron discussed the way news of an FBI probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails […]

Funding coming to UBC’s ‘cutting-edge research’

The B.C. government announced $3.4 million dollars in funding for “cutting-edge” research at UBC, Global News reported. This funding will go towards 22 projects including seven at UBC’s Okanagan campus. […]

Incubator space Hatch at UBC

Breakfast Television featured Hatch, a new space for tech start-ups at UBC. The start-ups are aiming to commercialize their innovations. “In this space you’ve got very real people working on real […]

Psychopaths may be more likely to assault romantic partners

Psych Central featured research from UBC’s Okanagan campus that found people with higher psychopathic tendencies are more likely to assault their romantic partners. “While we also found that people with […]

Reality check on vaginal rejuvenation

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Lori Brotto, the Canada Research Chair in Women’s Sexual Health at UBC, for an article on post-menopausal vaginal atrophy. “Women are continuing to say sex is […]

B.C. earthquake threatens Vancouver buildings

The Province highlighted the earthquake risk of many older Vancouver buildings. Carlos Ventura, the director of UBC’s earthquake engineering reserch facility, was interviewed for the story. The entire community needs […]

Return to the teenage brain

The Straits Times published a New York Times article on brain neuroplasticity and highlighted a UBC study on musically “naïve” men. The 2013 study examined if it was possible to restore the […]

Drone captures rare images of whales in Canada’s Arctic

The Straits Times featured work by Sarah Fortune, a UBC zoology PhD candidate, for a story on the advantages of drone technology in whale research. Fortune is studying bowhead whales using […]

Extremism ‘motivated by jihadist beliefs’ top source of terrorism

MSN published a National Post story featuring research by Daniel Hiebert, a UBC geography professor, on terrorism motivations. Religious extremism was found to be the top motive for Canadian terrorism, but […]