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Former UBC president Stephen Toope nominated as 346th Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge

Former UBC president Stephen Toope nominated as 346th Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge

UBC’s congratulates Prof. Toope, UBC’s 12th President and Vice-Chancellor from 2006 to 2014, who was known for his outstanding leadership, scholarship and community service.

China pushes its Panchen Lama into spotlight

The Washington Post interviewed Tsering Shakya, a UBC professor at the Institute of Asian Research and Canada Research Chair in Religion and Contemporary Society in Asia, about the man being groomed by China’s Communist Party […]

William and Kate travel by seaplane on tour of Canada

William and Kate’s visit to B.C., including their tour of UBC’s Okanagan campus was the subject of articles on BBC, Huffington Post Canada, NBC News Today and the Toronto Star. Sarika Bose, a […]

Snap, crackle and filth – let kids eat dirt

The Guardian featured work by UBC microbiology professor Brett Finlay and University of Calgary scientist Marie-Claire Arrieta on the benefits of exposing children to essential microbes. “When I was a […]

UBC experts discuss China-Canada ties

UBC professors Paul Evans and Yves Tiberghien spoke to CCTV, China’s national TV, about the relationship between Canada and China following Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Ottawa. “What Mr.Trudeau and his […]

Can an app help save a dying language?

Discover Magazine reported on a smartphone app than may help preserve indigenous languages and interviewed Mark Turin, a UBC anthropologist, on the topic. Turin said the app could give endangered […]

Is free speech in China really getting better?

The Diplomat interviewed Tim Cheek, a UBC historian who studies Chinese intellectualism, for a story on how free speech is not improving in China. “I didn’t see it coming and […]

Sleep and the senior’s brain

CBC’s Early Edition featured sleep research by UBC postdoctoral research fellow Glenn Landry at the Tapestry living facility in UBC’s Wesbrook Village. Landry said sleep is vital to the functioning […]

Cell phones are overriding creativity

CBC interviewed Anton Scamvougeras, a UBC neuropsychiatrist, for a story on the negative impacts smartphones have on our lives as they become ingrained in our daily activities. “We are tending […]

Discussing recycled chopsticks

UBC PhD student Felix Böck, a PhD candidate in UBC’s forestry department, was interviewed on CBC’s As It Happens about his chopstick recycling project that reuses bamboo found in the […]

Research reveals genetic patterns in trees for adaptation

Sally Aitken, a UBC professor of forest and conservation sciences, co-authored a study that discovered genes in trees that allowed certain species to adapt to varying climates, CBC reported. The […]

Talkin’ trees communicate underground

CBC’s Quirks and Quarks featured work by Suzanne Simard, a UBC forest ecologist, on the secret communication between trees. She said trees can link up below ground and communicate using […]

Students aren’t claiming naloxone kits due to drug use ‘stigma’

The Vancouver Sun reported that UBC students are not using naloxone kits, used to treat overdoses, because of the stigmas associated with drug use. Brian Spencer, UBC’s Interfraternity Council president, said students […]

Charter challenge to B.C. Mental Health Act long overdue

Isabel Grant, a UBC professor of law, co-wrote an op-ed for the Vancouver Sun on a challenge to the B.C. Mental Health Act under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. “What […]

TBirds trounce Alberta in Canada West football action

The Vancouver Sun featured the latest football game between the UBC Thunderbirds and the University of Alberta Golden Bears. After leading 29-0 at the end of the third quarter, the […]

Discussing a play that helps veterans adjust back to civilian life

CBC Ottawa spoke to George Belliveau, a UBC theatre education professor, and Luke Bokenfohr, a masters’ candidate in counselling psychology, about a group of veterans who re-live battlefield experiences on the stage as a way […]

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Decline of parole and fundamentals of the penal system

Michael Jackson, a UBC law professor, spoke to the Globe and Mail about the parole system in Canada. Jackson said a more risk-averse culture has been infiltrating the corrections system and […]

Games-bid evaluation team raises eyebrows

The Globe and Mail quoted Tsur Somerville, a professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, for a story on Calgary’s potential bid for the 2026 Olympics. Questions are being raise […]