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Babies have a microbial window of opportunity

Scientific American published an op-ed by UBC microbiologist Brett Finlay and University of Calgary scientist Marie-Claire Arrieta on the impacts of limiting our children’s exposure to microbes. “Three-month-old babies at a high risk […]

Young soccer players test new concussion screening tool

CBC reported on new concussion screening technology for young athletes that was developed at UBC. A group of young soccer players from Richmond FC volunteered to undergo electroencephalogram scanning and […]

Affordable housing advocacy group holds Vancouver rally

CBC reported on a housing crisis rally which included a speech by Paul Kershaw, a UBC professor at the School of Population and Public Heath. Kershaw leads Generation Squeeze, a […]

Arctic nations square up as clamour for resources grows

Michael Byers, the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at UBC, spoke to The Guardian for a story on how nations are increasingly exploiting the Arctic. “Arctic […]

Do trees have brains and talk to each other?

The Daily Mail featured UBC research that found trees can communicate with each other. Suzanne Simard, a UBC forestry professor, discovered that trees can send warnings using chemical signals and […]

The way you check email makes you less productive

Forbes featured UBC psychology research for a story on the connection between how often we check our emails and how much stress we experience. The study found that when people only […]

Air quality won’t improve until this happens

The South China Morning Post quoted Michael Brauer, a UBC professor at the School of Population and Public Health, for a story on the global air pollution problem. “Air pollution […]

Amphetamine helped brain damaged rats regain function

Popular Mechanics featured research that found amphetamine could stimulate healing after traumatic brain injury. Catharine Winstanley, a UBC psychology professor, co-authored the study which found that rats treated with a […]

Athlete of the Week: UBC quarterback

CBC featured UBC football player Michael O’Connor as the Athlete of the Week. The 20-year-old TBirds quarterback, who hails from Ontario, threw three touchdown passes in his team’s week one […]

Can an app save an ancient language?

Scientific American interviewed UBC anthropologist Mark Turin for a story on an indigenous tribe that used a new smartphone app to preserve their ancient language. “These things help leverage and engage […]

Where does creativity comes from?

Scientific American quoted Joe Henrich, a UBC evolutionary biologist who wrote a book on the role of culture in the success of our species. “I think the idea that innovation […]

More sex assault cases under review amid controversy

Huffington Post Canada published a Canadian Press story quoting Emma Cunliffe, a UBC law professor, on the lack of diversity in the Canadian justice system. The conversation comes as Justice […]

Student residence: World’s tallest wood building

UBC held a ceremony Thursday to mark the completion of the wood structure for Brock Commons, a student residence building that is the world’s first mass wood hybrid building more […]

Sex assault concerns lead to changes at universities

A UBC Safewalk program including UBC athletes was featured in the Vancouver Sun. Football players are part of a group that works shifts from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. escorting […]

Will big data revolution help students graduate?

The Globe and Mail reported on universities which look to big data analysis to learn which students are most at risk of dropping out. A pilot program at UBC aims to […]

UBC India research centre sees potential role in trade ties

The Vancouver Sun reported on UBC scholars who say academia is a promising channel to increase bilateral ties between Canada and India. Mandakranta Bose, director of UBC’s Centre for India […]

Award for missing and murdered indigenous women coverage

The Globe and Mail reported on the Online Journalism Awards including a win for UBC”s Graduate School of Journalism. A project by the program won a student award at the […]

Edmonton road-tests technology that will talk to cars

The Vancouver Sun reported on a project to develop wireless connected vehicle technology that is being tested in Edmonton. The technology, a partnership between the University of Alberta, UBC and the […]