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Prescription heroin gets green light in Canada

CNN interviewed Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes, a UBC professor in the School of Population and Public Health, for a story on Health Canada’s amended regulations that will allow doctors to prescribe heroin to treat people who are severely […]

How can college students future-proof their careers?

The Atlantic interviewed Henry Siu, a UBC economics professor, for a story on how college students can ensure their career paths lead to success. “Rapid advances in machine learning mean we will […]

New Crohn’s disease treatments could be on the horizon

Fox News reported on UBC research that found the hormone receptors in mouse cells that could stimulate the growth of fibrosis, the thickening and scarring of tissue that can damage the intestines […]

On-campus forensic exams for sex assault survivors

Global News reported on UBC’s new on-campus sexual assault testing policy. The university is now the only school in B.C. to provide rape kits and forensic exams on the campus. […]

New study questions Type 2 diabetes treatment

CBC reported on the uncertainty that glucose-lowering drugs help ward off long-term complications associated with Type 2 diabetes. The UBC Therapeutics Initiative is asking Health Canada to demand better evidence that the drugs improve long-term […]

Vacancy tax will rely on owners to declare if homes are empty

The Globe and Mail spoke to Tsur Somerville, a UBC business professor, for a story on the proposed empty home tax in Vancouver. “I don’t know how successful they’ll be at getting […]

Chinese premier to visit Canada next week for talks

Paul Evans, a professor at UBC’s Institute of Asian Research, was quoted in the Globe and Mail for a Canadian Press story on Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s upcoming visit to Canada. Evans […]

The Robin Camp case: Who judges the judges?

Maclean’s quoted Emma Cunliffe, a UBC law professor, for a story on the training of Canadian judges in light of Justice Robin Camp’s mishandling of a rape case in 2014. […]

Climate change video game

CBC featured a video game designed at UBC that is based on the premise that the government ignored climate change and led to a dystopian wasteland in Delta, B.C. Alicia […]

Crews complete record-setting timber tower

Business in Vancouver highlighted UBC’s Brock Commons student residence and interviewed John Metras, managing director of infrastructure development at UBC. Metras said UBC is using mass timber technology because it fits […]

Safer route to UBCO

Castanet reported on the completion of the Bulman Road UBC Connector trail for people cycling to UBC’s Okanagan campus. The four-metre wide trail will pass under the highway connecting the […]

Event series aims to shatter mental illness stigma

Daily Hive featured an upcoming event that aims to create a conversation about mental illness and features talks by two UBC professors. Dr. Erin Michalak, a UBC psychiatry professor and Steven […]

Violinist Molly MacKinnon draws from drama

The Georgia Straight featured UBC alumna Molly MacKinnon, who studied violin performance at UBC. She recalled the influence of her university studies on her musical career. “I was originally introduced to Eckhardt-Gramatté […]

Walk of Wonder: Birding


Battling depression with hallucinogenic fungi

The Walrus quoted Mark Haden, a professor at UBC’s School of Population and Public Health, for a story on how a compound in magic mushrooms was shown to reduce symptoms of treatment-resistant depression. […]

L’Affaire Galloway

The Walrus published a story about the dismissal of Steven Galloway, the former head of the UBC creative writing head department. The article examines UBC’s handling of the departure and includes comments from […]