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UBC Reports | September 9

UBC Reports | September 9

The downsides and dangers of ‘cheque day’

The downsides and dangers of ‘cheque day’

The downsides and dangers of ‘cheque day’ UBC sociology professor Lindsey Richardson is concerned about the higher risks of overdose deaths on cheque day. Read it here.

Get your T-Bird on at UBC Homecoming

Get your T-Bird on at UBC Homecoming

This year’s homecoming festivities lead up to the big football game on Saturday, September 17th against T-Bird rivals, the University of Regina Rams.

Imagine Day 2016

Angela was out on Main Mall to catch the action at Imagine 2016.

Dogs should get to keep their ears and tails

A Washington Post article calling for an end to unnecessary cosmetic surgeries for dogs, such as tail docking and ear cropping, featured a UBC study recently published in PLOS One. […]

Fear of a female president

A new article in The Atlantic focuses on the wave of negative reaction to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and concludes that misogyny is behind many of the attacks. The article mentions […]

The case for wooden skyscrapers is not barking

An Economist article on tall wood construction emphasized wood’s long history as construction material due to its aesthetic qualities, weight and low carbon footprint. The article mentioned a five-storey pagoda […]

UBC chemist finds treasures under the sea

BNN featured research by UBC chemistry professor Mark MacLachlan, who is trying to convert seafood waste like crab and shrimp shells into usable new materials such as iridescent film and […]

Risks of statins small, but debate remains heated

The Globe and Mail featured a new study published Thursday in the Lancet, which concludes that the overall risks of statins, which are designed to lower cholesterol, are small. But […]

China’s satellite and the new arms race

UBC digital media and global affairs professor Taylor Owen and international relations student Robert Gorwa discussed quantum technologies in an op-ed for Foreign Affairs. They wrote that the new generation […]

Fisheries and climate change

New UBC research shows climate change will likely slash worldwide fishing revenues by up to $10 billion by 2050. Certain species will migrate north as the ocean warms, and changes […]

Recognize the signs of eating disorders

Kara Vogt, a clinical instructor in UBC’s land and food systems faculty, discussed eating disorders on Global BC. Back to school can trigger anxiety and eating disorders, and Vogt recommends […]

Survey rates neighbourhoods in Metro Vancouver

A Vancouver Sun article on a recent survey of Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods quotes UBC sociology professor Richard Carpiano. The survey found that while 73 per cent of West Vancouver residents […]

A home away from home for UBC alumni

The $18.5-million Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre at UBC was the focus of a BC Business article. Unlike many alumni centres that are located on the periphery, the UBC centre […]

War Stories puts focus on survivors of conflict

Georgia Straight featured War Stories, a multimedia project presented Sept. 15 by UBC’s Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies. The event will feature the work of Vancouver photographer Farah Nosh […]

Refugees are a shared responsibility, says UBC Dean of Law

UBC law dean Catherine Dauvergne called for more sharing of responsibility for the refugee crisis in an interview with politics and culture website Ricochet. Dauvergne said Western governments need to commit […]

Symposium: Indigenous Rights and Global Responsibilities