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UBC Reports | September 2

UBC Reports | September 2

The fighter jets of tomorrow

The fighter jets of tomorrow

The fighter jets of tomorrow In an Op-Ed in the National Post, UBC’s Michael Byers argues that Canada should select fighter jets that do not require pilots in the future. […]

UBC Thunderbirds Football

Why working longer is good for your health

A Forbes article about working into your 60s to keep your brain active and your body healthy features UBC research. The research, by Courtney Coile of Wellesley College, Kevin Milligan of UBC […]

What magic can teach us about our brains

A Boston Globe article about magic and what it does to our brains quotes Ron Rensink, a professor in the computer science and psychology departments at UBC. “Wonder is a fundamental part of life, […]

How Alan Kurdi’s death has affected Canada, one year later

A Canadian Press story published in Maclean’s about the Syrian refugee crisis examined how a photo of the death of two-year old Alan Kurdi affected last fall’s federal election and […]

Canada-China Relations

Paul Evans, a professor at UBC’s Institute of Asian Research, did an interview with CBC Power and Politics about the Prime Minister’s trip to China and China’s human rights record. “Mr. Trudeau’s […]

New school curriculum will teach B.C. students computer coding

A Globe and Mail article about the new B.C. curriculum to teach students computer coding features Geering up, a science and technology camp at UBC. This year, the popularity of the computer coding […]

UBC Thunderbirds still unsure of running back options past opener

A Vancouver Sun story about this Saturday’s UBC Thunderbirds football game examines who will be the team’s starting running back this season. “There is no question there is talent there, but we […]

UBC prof invents synthetic heart tissue that replaces human cadavers for training

A CBC story describes a synthetic heart valve created by UBC researchers for surgeons to use in training. The synthetic material mimics human tissue and was created by Hadi Mohammadi, an engineering professor at UBC’s […]

Oh, the webs we weave: Navigating a spider’s silk and all its human applications

A National Post story about spider silk quoted retired UBC zoologist John Gosline, who studied the biomechanics of the material. Spider silk is lightweight, biodegradable, five times stronger by weight than steel, and incredibly […]

5,000 jobs gone in four months, says Vancouver Home Builders’ Association

A CBC story about the new 15 per cent real estate tax on foreign buyers suggests the home building industry could lose thousands of jobs in the coming months as demand for […]

The fighter jets of tomorrow

In an Op-Ed in the National Post, UBC’s Michael Byers argues that Canada should select fighter jets that do not require pilots in the future. “At the dawn of the age of autonomous […]

Canadian astronomer discovers Milky Way-size galaxy that’s 99.99% dark matter

A Metro story describes a newly discovered galaxy, composed mostly of dark matter. The galaxy, Dragonfly 44, was discovered by UBC grad and University of Toronto professor Roberto Abraham.

Why men are at higher risk of Sudden Cardiac Death and how to help save a life

A Calgary Herald story describes Sudden Cardiac Death, which is caused by an electrical problem in the heart. The story features UBC and Northwestern University research that found that an electrocardiogram was not a good […]

Students struggle to find housing in red-hot rental market

A Global story about the difficulties of finding affordable rental housing in Vancouver features a number of university students struggling to find apartments because the vacancy rate is as low as 0.6 per cent. UBC’s […]

If we could bioenhance people to be nicer, should we?

An article in How Stuff Works features UBC research on spider colonies. The research shows that some large colonies share their prey too evenly and some individual spiders starve.

UBCO helps small schools tackle big problems

A story in the Kelowna Daily Courier highlights a think tank held at UBC’s Okanagan campus for rural community schools. “When we look at what rural and small secondary schools offer the province, […]