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‘To fall in love with anyone, do this’

A New York Times podcast featured actress Gillian Jacobs reading an essay written by Mandy Len Catron, a UBC English and creative writing professor. The podcast, part of the “Modern Love” series, […]

Thousands with chronic conditions denied life-saving treatments

The Vancouver Sun published an op-ed by Heather Palis, a PhD candidate at UBC’s School of Population and Public Health. Palis wrote that patients with chronic opioid use disorder have […]

Study reveals elderly people tend to lie about health

CBC featured social work research from UBC’s Okanagan campus that found seniors tend to lie about their health to avoid being seen as vulnerable. “We tend to put an emphasis […]

Obit: Charles Leslie MacAdams, 1954-2016

Maclean’s paid tribute to UBC medical school alumnus Charles Leslie MacAdams who died in May. Charles traveled to Tibet to hike up Everest’s North Col. He completed the climb on […]

Buddhism in the Global Eye: Beyond East and West


13 facts about flirting we should know

MSN South Africa featured UBC research for a story on the ways we flirt. The 2011 UBC psychology research found that heterosexual men and women have very different preferences when it comes to facial […]

Baby steps to fitness and eating ice cream

The Vancouver Sun featured an interview with UBC human nutrition alumnus Nanci Guest for a story on food and fitness tips to avoid gaining weight. Guest focuses on the ways […]

Everest trek reveals scientific effects of meditation

The New Zealand Herald featured UBC Okanagan research on the effects of meditation on monks’ brain activity. “When meditating even though they’re sitting quietly their brain is essentially lit up […]

Secrets of bird migration revealed thanks to GPS trackers

Global News featured UBC zoology research that looked into the DNA of a songbird, specifically into one chromosome that seems to indicate which route the birds will take. “What we […]

Just how clean does your child need to be?

The Chicago Tribune highlighted work by UBC microbiologists B. Brett Finlay and Marie-Claire Arrieta for a story on how clean our kids need to be. Finlay and Arrieta say that […]

Gregor Robertson, his pop-star girlfriend and a corruption trial

Maclean’s reported on Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson’s relationship with Chinese pop star Wanting Qu, whose mother is on trial for charges of embezzling, and bribery and abuse of power for her role in […]

How commuter decisions affect mood

The Vancouver Sun featured the second phase of UBC psychology research examining whether Lower Mainland drivers are happy with their commute. PhD candidate Ashley Whillans is working with advisor Elizabeth Dunn […]

Why grooming the next line of university presidents matters

University Affairs mentioned former UBC president Arvind Gupta for a story on resignations and departures of university presidents. The article noted that the time of transition can be exciting but also […]

Arbutus’ asphalt greenway not paved with good intentions

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Patrick Condon, a UBC professor of landscape architecture, and Susan Herrington, a professor and the chair of the landscape architecture program, for a story on the Arbutus […]

B.C. turns from foreign buyers to investor immigrants

CKNW reported on the Quebec Immigrant Investors Program (QIIP) and interviewed UBC economics professor Thomas Davidoff. He suggested that eliminating the QIIP could have a noticeable effect in B.C. He estimated […]

Character a key to success in school and life

The Times Colonist cited a UBC study for a story on the importance of character-building strategies for children. A UBC study conducted in Vancouver and Toronto, which examined 585 children ages nine to […]

The real world impact of silly ‘stupidstitions’

24 Hours Vancouver mentioned a UBC economics study for a story on superstitions. The 2013 UBC study, Superstition in the Housing Market, found that homes with an address number ending […]