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Speed limit increases prove deadly, should be reversed

Speed limit increases prove deadly, should be reversed

Speed limit increases prove deadly, should be reversed Six UBC professors say that the speed limit increase on B.C.’s highways should be reversed to make roads safer. Read it here.

Streetcar tracks cause a huge number of bike crashes in Toronto

City Lab reported on UBC and Ryerson University research that found one-third of bike crashes in downtown Toronto were linked to streetcar tracks. The researchers said cyclists often had to maneuver quickly to […]

Do you look like a liar–according to science?

Men’s Fitness featured psychology research from UBC’s Okanagan campus that found some facial features influence how trustworthy we appear to other people. “When encountering a person in any given situation, […]

Water resilience that flows

Science Daily highlighted UBC research on an affordable way to monitor rivers and stream flow using open source products. Silja Hund, a PhD candidate in the Department of Earth, Ocean […]

16 wild research experiments that could change design

Fast Co Design reported on a computer graphics conference that showcased design research. Researchers at UBC, Adobe, and Stanford detailed a system that allows you to dress a virtual mannequin, […]

Welcome to Teaching at UBC


New diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease

CBC News reported on research on a “completely non-invasive” imaging technique for detecting Alzheimer’s disease. The article cited research from UBC, the University of Waterloo, and the University of Rochester […]

Alberta households emit most greenhouse gas in the country

CBC News reported on a UBC study that details the most ecologically friendly cities in Canada based on greenhouse gases produced by households. Food and resource economics researchers looked at […]

B.C.’s foreign-buyer tax could help China fight corruption: ex-envoy

The Globe and Mail interviewed Paul Evans, a professor at UBC’s Liu Institute for Global Issues and Institute of Asian Research, for a story on how the new foreign-buyer tax could […]

From living space to bygone tradition, porches a platform for nostalgia

The Globe and Mail interviewed retired UBC history professor Peter Ward for an article on how the popularity of porches and verandas has shifted with societal changes. “Notions about socializing […]

Journalism ethics should go global not local

The Sydney Morning Herald published an op-ed by UBC ethics professor Stephen J.A. Ward. Ward advocated for journalists working as global communicators rather than only framing stories from their one […]

More resources needed to deal with hoarders

CBC reported on a UBC psychology study that found seven per cent of Downtown Eastside SROs in Vancouver have excessive clutter. “I actually think we need a coordinated system for […]

Speed limit increases prove deadly, should be reversed

The Vancouver Sun published an op-ed by six UBC professors on the need to reverse the speed limit increases in B.C. “The (transportation) ministry thought that by increasing speed limits on […]

Discussing the Democratic National Convention

Eric Merkley, PhD candidate in UBC’s department of political science, spoke on Roundhouse Radio about the Democratic National Convention. Merkley also discussed what Hillary Clinton needs to do in order to win […]

Discussing a new brain map

Roundhouse Radio interviewed UBC neuroscientist Lara Boyd about a new brain map that shows regions of the brain in close detail. “We understand that there’s something architecturally different about these […]

LGBTQ policies in schools reduce suicide attempts

Metro News featured a UBC report that found LGBTQ programs and policies in schools can substantially lower the number of suicide attempts among both straight and sexual minority students. Lead author and […]

Happy teacher, happy class

Castanet reported on a study from UBC’s Okanagan campus that found children’s success in schools is tied to their teachers’ wellbeing. “Expanding on the current success of our education system […]