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A better way to tax vacant Vancouver homes

A better way to tax vacant Vancouver homes

A better way to tax vacant Vancouver homes UBC economics professor Joshua Gottlieb writes about a proposed tax to make housing more affordable in Vancouver. Read it here.

Explaining how hummingbirds fly

BBC News featured UBC research on how hummingbirds fly efficiently using vision to avoid collisions. UBC zoologist Douglas Altshuler discussed the practical applications of these findings when it comes to improving […]

Why Montreal households are the greenest in Canada

Vice included UBC research for a story on how homes in Montreal are the most sustainable in the country. Food and resource economic researchers looked at census data over 12 years and […]

Can B.C.’s foreign-buyer tax cool Vancouver’s housing market?

CBC News interviewed Thomas Davidoff, UBC’s director of the Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate, for a story on the new foreign-buyer tax. He said there’s “no question” the […]

Net-zero egg barn with solar energy opens in Alberta

CBC News reported on a high-tech egg farm that will test various technologies to cut the farm’s carbon footprint. “This project really is a first of its kind in Canada […]

Streetcar tracks major cause of serious downtown cycling crashes

CBC News reported on UBC and Ryerson University research that found one-third of bike crashes in downtown Toronto were linked to streetcar tracks. Fifteen per cent of the track-related crashes […]

The rise of the UTI that’s nearly impossible to treat

The Globe and Mail reported on the rise of a urinary tract infection (UTI) that is very difficult to treat and cited UBC research on the topic. Researchers, including UBC […]

How academic research is subject to racism, sexism

The Globe and Mail reported on research by Karl Aquino, the Richard Poon Professor of Organizations and Society at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, which examined unconscious byproducts of bias. The research […]

Researchers develop new painless microneedle system

CBC reported on UBC research that may make monitoring a drug easier and less painful. Engineering PhD student Sahan Ranamukhaarachchi created a small microneedle patch that measures the drug vancomycin […]

Yoga on the Mall


Smell test may be effective in early detection of Alzheimer’s

CTV News reported on the potential use of two cheaper and simpler tests for detecting Alzheimer’s in patients. The article cited research from UBC, the University of Waterloo, and the […]

Ontario, Quebec, BC strike wine deal

News 1130 reported on the recent deal that allows B.C. wine to be sold in Ontario and Quebec, and vice versa. David MacArthur, a professor in UBC’s Land and Food Systems […]

B.C. government tries to seem proactive with ‘citizenship’ tax

The National Post quoted UBC economist Joshua Gottlieb for an article on the 15 per cent property transfer tax announced this week by the B.C. government. Gottlieb doesn’t think the […]

Prof cautions council to think about inevitability of change

The Kelowna Capital News quoted Keith Culver, a professor of management at UBC’s Okanagan campus, who spoke to Kelowna city council about the future of the city and raised questions about economic and […]