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Neighbours of noisy UBC fraternities say they have no recourse

CTV News reported on the lack of recourse for neighbours who live near loud fraternities on UBC campus. UBC RCMP said the issue is that since the University Endowment Lands […]

UBC president Santa Ono wins NAAAP award

UBC president Santa Ono was named a recipient of the 2016 National Association of Asian American Professionals award, the Vancouver Sun reported. The NAAAP 100 Award is the organization’s highest honour presented […]

B.C. strengthens mine-waste storage after Mt. Polley disaster

The Vancouver Sun reported on changes by the province that aim to strengthen safety of mine-waste storage facilities and their earth-and-rock dams. UBC mining professor Dirk van Zyl, also a […]

Discussing the Republican National Convention

Roundhouse Radio interviewed Paul Quirk, UBC political scientist and chair in U.S. politics and representation, about the Republican National Convention. Quirk explained how Donald Trump’s campaign is unprecedented in many […]

Cultivating relationships at university

Joanne Fox, principal and academic director of UBC Vantage College, and Felipe David Solano Paute, a Vantage College student in the engineering program, were interviewed on Roundhouse Radio. Vantage College is […]

Hummingbirds wired to dodge high-speed collisions

Discovery reported on UBC research that looked into how hummingbirds navigate their flight patterns, and quoted UBC biologist and study lead author Roslyn Dakin. “When objects grow in size, it […]

Nine signs your perfectionism is ruining your life

Business Insider reported on the issues that come with perfectionism and included findings from a UBC psychology study. The UBC research linked perfectionism to depression, anxiety and various mental health […]

Rehearsals for retirement: Young workers and the CPP

The Tyee interviewed UBC economist Kevin Milligan for a story on post-work plans for several Vancouver workers. Milligan found middle-income earners who made an average of $50,000 per year over their careers would […]

Hot real estate prices force companies to get creative to lure talent

BC Local News reported on how companies make their hiring pitch more attractive, through substantial housing subsidies and other solutions. Michael White, UBC’s associate vice president of campus and community […]

UBC Farm Markets


Food for thought

Pique Magazine interviewed UBC social work professor emeritus Graham Riches for a story on Whistler residents using the food bank. The article reported that more than 2,000 Whistler people from a population […]