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The enduring enigma of female sexual desire

BBC News quoted Lori Brotto, a UBC professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, for a story on sexual desire comparisons between men and women. Scientists have found that the amount of […]

A remote Pacific nation, threatened by rising seas

Research by UBC geography professor Simon Donner focusing on the effects of climate change on the island nation of Kiribati was featured in the New York Times and published in […]

This ‘hourglass’ liquid battery runs on gravity

Gizmodo Australia featured UBC mechanical engineering research in an article about a battery that relies on gravity to create energy. Researchers at UBC designed a fuel cell that runs on […]

Postpartum anxiety might be even more common than PPD

The Huffington Post featured research on postpartum anxiety by UBC psychiatry professor Nichole Fairbrother. Almost 16 per cent of the 310 mothers in the study had anxiety and anxiety-related disorders during […]

Vancouver investigates Kits block hosting 17 Airbnb units

MSN published a Vancouver Sun article on a Kitsilano block under investigation for its high number of Airbnb listings and cited research by Iain Marjoribanks, a student with UBC’s school […]

Global Reporting Centre wants to tell the biggest untold stories

Journalism professor Peter Klein spoke to Poynter about the UBC Global Reporting Centre. “The center goes beyond the traditional investigative work,” said Klein, the director of the UBC Global Reporting Centre. “It’s about […]

Seniors with hearing problems more socially isolated

The Vancouver Sun featured work by UBCO surgery researchers which focused on how hearing loss impacts the lives of seniors. Researchers found that for every 10-decibel drop in hearing sensitivity, […]

Immune cell-stem cell cooperation

The Scientist featured UBC biomedical research for a story on possible regenerative therapies. The findings showed that in healthy muscle regeneration, certain immune cell numbers dramatically increase three days after […]

Mentorship Institute at UBC – Leading Together: Sustaining Mentorship, Strengthening Teaching


NYC pride: Tracing the history of NYC’s gay neighborhoods

UBC sociology professor Amin Ghaziani was interviewed for an article on gay neighbourhoods in Brick Underground. “Many sexual minorities now perceive themselves as culturally similar to heterosexuals, and heterosexuals say they […]

Hunters, hikers sought for carnivore mapping study

The Vancouver Sun featured a UBCO study by biology masters student T.J. Gooliaff. He is studying the range of bobcats and lynx and mapping their response to climate change. “We […]

Federal Appeal Court deals blow to Northern Gateway pipeline

Business in Vancouver interviewed UBC political sciences professor Kathryn Harrison for a story on how the Federal Court of Appeal failed in its duty to consult seven First Nations councils […]

‘Pay-Per-View’ mode keeps telescope flying after 13 years

A story on Vice featured work by UBC physics and astronomy professor Jaymie Matthews. Canada’s first space telescope, Microvariability and Oscillation of Stars (MOST), launched in June 2003 and is […]

Gun crime victimizes men the most

Quartz quoted UBCO political science professor Adam Jones for an article on gun crime and how men dying is seen as natural. “Across a very broad spectrum of ideologies and […]

UBCO presents award winning poet

Kelowna Capital News featured a public reading by award-winning Canadian poet Jordan Scott. Scott is a visiting author with UBCO’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and the event is […]

Boxing classes help people with Parkinson’s fight back

The Globe and Mail featured research by Matthew Sacheli, a UBC neuroscientist and PhD student. By looking into how the brain changes when people work out, we can learn how […]

Peckinpaugh kicks knee injury to land spot with UBC

The Vancouver Sun featured Emma Peckinpaugh, an up-and-coming UBC athlete who overcame injuries to land a spot on the defending CIS national champion Thunderbirds women’s soccer team. She tore the ACL […]

B.C. eyes options that may be more accurate than Pap tests

Gina Ogilvie, a UBC professor at the School of Population and Public Health and research chair in the global control of HPV-related disease, was quoted for a Globe and Mail […]

Architect wants to end homelessness with condos

The Globe and Mail quoted UBC professor Patrick Condon for an article about building condos and using the associated levies to help end Vancouver homelessness. Patrick Condon, UBC’s Chair of the Urban […]