Anti-free trade goes mainstream

British voters’ decision in the Brexit referendum could affect other free trade pacts like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, according to a Business in Vancouver article that quoted two UBC experts. James Brander, an economist specializing in international trade, pointed out that opposition to free trade is rising, particularly in the U.S. Political scientist Allan Craigie commented that there is growing resentment over being “dictated to” by Brussels.

A related BIV article focused on the economic fallout from Brexit. Brander offered the view that there should be no direct effect on Canada. Kurt Huebner, a political science professor at UBC’s Institute for European Studies, thought that the Canadian dollar could appreciate, if the British pound devalues significantly.

Craigie and UBC political science professor Yves Tiberghien also spoke to Roundhouse Radio. In Tiberghien’s view, Britain will be sorting out its politics first before it starts the long process of formal withdrawal from the EU.