Burnaby’s low-income residents face evictions

The Globe and Mail featured work by UBC geography professors David Ley and Craig Jones for a story on the Burnaby housing market.

Ley and Jones published an article in the spring edition of The Canadian Geographer about Burnaby’s unchecked demolitions along the SkyTrain corridor. This led to the displacement of low-income workers, many of whom were immigrants and refugees.

“One of the things I have found frustrating about Burnaby’s response to criticism is that Colleen Jordan is on record saying the city can’t say ‘no’ to demolitions under the existing zoning. And Mayor Corrigan also says land around transit stations is very valuable and landlords realize this, and they want to sell. But all of that is ignoring the fact that in 2011, through ‘S’ zoning, they fundamentally changed the nature of the land market in Metrotown,” Jones said. “They created the conditions to which they are now saying they are helpless to do anything about.”