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Experts on assisted dying bill C-14

Experts on assisted dying bill C-14

UBC experts are available to comment on the assisted dying bill C-14 which was passed today by the Senate.

Research homes in on cause of graft-versus-host disease

The Vancouver Sun reported on research by UBC and the B.C. Children’s Hospital on the topic of a common and potentially deadly condition that can follow bone-marrow or stem-cell transplants. […]

UK-funded ice breaker in ‘elite’ Arctic tourism row

BBC News reported on a UK science vessel on an Arctic tourist voyage and quoted Michael Byers, UBC professor and Canada Research Chair in global politics and international law. The science […]

The case for prescription-only marijuana

The Toronto Star published on op-ed by Colin Dormuth, UBC professor of anesthesiology, pharmacology and therapeutics, on the topic of marijuana legalization. Dormuth challenges many of the common arguments against legalization, including the ideas […]

Why do our minds wander?

A story on NPR about why our minds wander cited a UBC psychology study. The Default Mode Network (DMN) tends to return to baseline levels of activity when we mentally remove ourselves […]

Planet burning hotter than a small star is on a death spiral

Astronomy Magazine reported on a planet that is a rare test case because it orbits a younger huge star. The planet is called KELT-9b and may not be around much longer as its temperature increases […]

New UBC president Santa Ono

The Vancouver Sun reported on new UBC president Santa Ono’s openness about his faith. Ono is quoted as using a term used in Christian circles and said he sees himself […]

How pizza and tacos can help prevent suicide

UBC psychology David Klonsky was interviewed for a Vice story on our emotional ties to food. In a recent case in Mexico City, it was reported that two police officers were […]

Raising the retirement age for people who want to work

Yahoo News published a Bloomberg article on the growing trend of Americans who retire while they still have years of good health in their future. A study on retirement age compared […]

Trudeau to get sobering view of Vancouver’s housing market

The Globe and Mail quoted UBC geography professor David Ley on his plans to discuss the Vancouver housing market with Prime Minister Trudeau. Ley has studied Asian global capital flows for 16 […]

Partner violence at home must be addressed at work

Metro News reported on a UBC study that found domestic abuse has a ‘spillover’ effect on workplaces but part of the solution can occur at work. Report co-author Karl Aquino of […]

Documentary shows Tempest still weathering the Storm

The Vancouver Sun featured a documentary by director Nimisha Mukerji who graduated with a double major in English literature and film production from UBC. Her film Tempest Storm will make its […]

Don’t expect Victoria to try and cool the housing market

News 1130 interviewed UBC economy professor Tom Davidoff on why the hot housing market likely won’t cool down. He said part of the reason could be the political influence of those who benefit […]

Point Grey Triathlon


West Van flooding could be sign of worse to come

Yahoo News published a CBC News story about the recent West Vancouver flooding and interviewed Hans Schreier, UBC professor emeritus of land and water systems. “Two years ago we had a similar […]

Red might encourage rule-breaking

24 Hours Vancouver reported on a study co-authored by UBC marketing professor Charles Weinberg that found red might not have the effect many people believe it does. Three experiments tracked how seeing the […]

Virtual sheep help real ones

Castanet reported on a tool created by a graduate student and a contributing member to UBCO’s Institute for Biodiversity, Resilience and Ecosystem Services. Corrie Allen created a virtual sheep roaming […]

Save the whales, slow down

Castanet reported on UBCO research on how marine traffic can co-exist with endangered whale species. Lael Parrott, UBCO professor of biology and earth and environmental sciences, said that while marine […]