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Canadian student finds four new planets

The Daily Mail reported on four planetary discoveries by 22-year-old UBC student Michelle Kunimoto, including one with the potential for supporting life. Kunimoto’s discoveries will be known as ‘planet candidates’ until […]

How saliva determines our food-texture preferences

Christine Scaman, a UBC food science professor, was interviewed for a Globe and Mail story on how the science of spit influences our food-texture preferences. “Texture is something where you […]

Artist Hazel Wilson stitched Haida history into blank

The Globe and Mail interviewed UBC Museum of Anthropology curator Karen Duffek for an obituary on Haida artist Hazel Wilson. “When Hazel moved to Vancouver, she started to make button […]

Vancity Buzz expands nationally, rebrands to Daily Hive

A story on the Financial Post about the national expansion of Vancity Buzz quotes UBC journalism school director  Alfred Hermida. Hermida compared the business model of the Vancouver-based website to U.K. tabloids […]

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Premier denies residential real estate sales part of Asia trip

UBC’s real estate professor at the Sauder School of Business, Tsur Somerville was interviewed for a Vancouver Sun story on the optics of Premier Clark travelling with realtors to Asia. […]

Trump’s narcissism is a feature, not a bug

A story on the Huffington Post about Donald Trump’s narcissism included 1993 research by John Livesley and UBC colleagues. The scholars measured the extent to which various personality disorders are […]

Providing clean opioids could reduce deaths

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Mark Haden, UBC professor at the school of population and public health, for an article on the possible solutions to the fentanyl crisis. Supervised consumption sites, […]

Major bank easing off on mortgage lending in Metro Vancouver

Tom Davidoff and Tsur Somerville of UBC’s Sauder School of Business were interviewed for a News 1130 story following news that Scotiabank will ease off issuing mortgages in Metro Vancouver […]

Medical pot users say clinical proof could help fight stigma

CBC News interviewed UBC medicine professor M-J Milloy who researches how Canadians are using cannabis as medicine. Milloy told CBC that several small studies show how marijuana could be taken […]

SRO tenants have 6% chance of homelessness

Research on Downtown Eastside residents by William Honer, director of the UBC Institute of Mental Health, was featured in a 24 Hours story. Over 10 years of work, Honer found that […]

Clark downplays real estate ties to her latest Asia trade junket

Business in Vancouver reported on Christy Clark’s trade mission trip to Asia as the premier denied promoting Vancouver’s real estate industry despite the realtors who joined the trip. Clark posed […]

Potentially toxic space debris set to drop on Canadian Arctic

A story on the Toronto Star about potentially toxic space debris quoted UBC international law professor Michael Byers. Byers said Russia is complying with the law by telling aviation authorities about […]

The future of robotics in our communities

Elizabeth Croft, UBC mechanical engineering professor, was interviewed on CFAX and shared her predictions about the future of robots in our community. “We’re looking at how to teach robots to […]

Discussing “kill-chain” war lawyers

Craig Jones, a PhD candidate in UBC’s geography department spoke on Roundhouse Radio about “kill-chain” war lawyers. The “kill chain” includes identifying a military target, gathering intelligence, choosing weapons, and […]

UBC team wins prize for device that helps people “see” sound

Vancity Buzz reported on four UBC students who took home 25,000 euros at the Ericsson Innovation Awards in Stockholm for Sound Vision, a software application that turns 3D spatial information into sounds and could help visually-impaired […]

7 of the best places to bike in Vancouver

Vancity Buzz listed the UBC Loop as one of the top seven places to bike in Vancouver. The endowment lands and the beautiful beach views were listed as highlights along […]