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UBC experts on court decision on Northern Gateway

UBC experts on court decision on Northern Gateway

The Federal Court of Appeal has overturned the government’s approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline project on grounds that it failed to consult with First Nations.

Thank you and farewell to Dr. Martha C. Piper

On June 30, 2016, Dr. Martha C. Piper will end her term as Interim President and Vice-Chancellor.

UBC on collision course with China’s best in men’s basketball

UBC on collision course with China’s best in men’s basketball

The UBC men’s basketball team’s biggest game this summer will be 10,000 kilometres and several layers of culture away.

Mongolia opposition scores landslide election victory

Financial Times highlighted the landslide victory of the Mongolian People’s Party in parliamentary elections and quoted UBC’s Julian Dierkes, a specialist in Mongolian politics and civil society. The party returned […]

Could supervised injections help San Francisco’s drug users?

CityLab mentioned work done by Vancouver’s Insite, a supervised injection site, in an article on how to help San Francisco’s homeless drug users. “We found there was a greater than […]

Most independent schools in B.C. aren’t ‘elite’: Fraser Institute

UBC educational policy expert Charles Ungerleider commented on a Fraser Institute report that said most independent schools in B.C. aren’t enclaves for the elite – they simply have a religious […]

Duelling announcements on housing crisis

Metro Vancouver’s housing crisis is shaping up to be a ballot issue with the B.C. Liberals and the NDP offering starkly different proposals for tackling the problem, reports the Vancouver […]

Would Miss Manners swear if she saw a rat?

A UBC rat research project has found that rats collected in downtown east-side alleys carry E. coli, the superbug MRSA and leptospirosis, according to a Vancouver Sun column. UBC researcher […]

B.C. real estate loses self-governance

Changes outlined Wednesday by Premier Christy Clark put an end to the days of self-regulation for B.C.’s real estate industry as a new dedicated superintendent of real estate will now be […]

B.C. government-issued “Panda Bonds” and Chinese cash

UBC business professor Thomas Davidoff was interviewed for a CKNW segment looking at the so-called Panda Bonds–bonds created by the B.C. government that are sold only inside the Chinese market. […]

Death toll climbs in Istanbul airport bombings

Peter Klein, director of the UBC Global Reporting Centre, discussed the Turkey bombings in a CKNW interview. Among other things, Klein said there’s been a lot of work done in […]

Extreme heat a ‘silent killer’ in poorest Vancouver areas

Metro News featured a UBC study that showed economically vulnerable areas in Metro Vancouver have the highest death rates during a heat wave compared with the general population. “Possibly what’s […]

Why Canadians should embrace a new “O Canada”

The Indo-Canadian Voice featured a Q&A with UBC historian Veronica Strong-Boag on the topic of gender-neutral lyrics for O Canada. “Anthems….are constructed in particular moments and are subject to change,” […]

Wood mulch can help in climate change fight

UBC research shows covering soil with wood mulch can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions–specifically nitrous oxide emissions–by up to 28 per cent, reports Castanet. “In addition to saving water, improving […]

MSM from small cities less likely to be tested for HIV

Edge Media highlighted a UBC study that showed men in small cities who have sex with other men are less likely to get tested for HIV than their metropolitan counterparts. […]

Research ties immigration to inflated house prices in B.C.

An SFU-UBC study claims to have evidence linking immigration to real estate prices for the first time, according to a Canadian Press article in the Globe and Mail. The researchers […]

What the rest of Canada can learn about happiness from B.C.

UBC economist John Helliwell commented on the results of a Chateleine survey, which found that 52 per cent of B.C. women claimed to be happier now than they were 10 […]

School closures — A perfect storm

Charles Ungerleider, a UBC professor emeritus of educational studies, notes that school closures are “a symptom of a society that has changed and whose public policy priorities have changed.” In […]

Scout List

Scout Magazine’s list of 10 must-dos in the next few days includes an event at UBC’s Beaty Biodiversity Museum. The museum is hosting a lecture about fur seals, featuring Beth Volpov […]