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Assisted death is the new pro-choice

Dr. Ellen Wiebe, a clinical professor at UBC was featured for a Maclean’s story on assisted dying and how this controversial topic is drawing comparisons to the abortion debate. “It’s […]

UBC Reports | May 27

UBC Reports | May 27

Jesse Symons named new UBC women’s soccer coach

Jesse Symons named new UBC women’s soccer coach

UBC Thunderbirds have found the coach who will lead their women’s soccer program in 2016, as they defend their CIS National Championship.

Rare Books and Special Collections Tours

Rare Books and Special Collections Tours Wednesday, June 1, 2016 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, UBC Point Grey Campus Attend a personalized tour of the […]

Base cannabis use warnings on scientific evidence

Base cannabis use warnings on scientific evidence

Base cannabis use warnings on scientific evidence A letter from UBC’s Stephanie Lake and M-J Milloy was published in response to an op-ed that said adolescent cannabis use increases the […]

Engineer yogi releases breath device

Cindy Gu, a mechanical engineer and certified yoga teacher, has developed a smart belt that promotes a meditative state of mind.

Should taxpayers fund private schools?

UBC education professor Charles Ungerleider was interviewed for CBC‘s The Current about the differences between private and public school education. He said that while both options are similar academically, some parents choose […]

Rare Books and Special Collections Tours


Liberals celebrate dramatic return from the scrap heap

UBC political scientist Richard Johnston was interviewed for a CBC News story on the success of the federal Liberal party. Johnston said that Canada’s democracy is strange because the Liberals, a […]

MOA exhibit captures surging interest in indigenous art

Karen Duffek, a curator with UBC’s Museum of Anthropology, was interviewed for a CBC story on the record opening of the exhibit by indigenous artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun. An estimated […]

Olympic swimmers train and prepare for Rio at UBC

Global News interviewed Canadian swimmers Yuri Kisil, Martha McCabe, Erika Sektenreich-Hodgson, who will compete at UBC this weekend. The athletes will race in the 53rd Mel Zajac Jr. International swim […]

Lack of affordable Lower Mainland housing widespread

Housing affordability is a city-wide problem in Vancouver, and not exclusive to a select few neighbourhoods, said UBC policy professor Paul Kershaw, in a Globe and Mail article. “Housing affordability […]

UBCO researchers develop new concrete with glass

CBC News reported on UBCO engineering research that cures so-called ‘concrete cancer’ and may give new life to concrete wasting away in landfills. Researchers can now calm a chemical reaction […]

Difficult Vancouver market tests housing affordability program

Lisa Colby, the managing director of UBC’s faculty-staff housing and relocation service was interviewed for a Globe and Mail story on affordable housing program options. Colby said one UBC recruiting tactic […]

HuffPost Canada celebrates 5th anniversary with 50 contributors

An article on Huffington Post Canada celebrating their fifth anniversary includes a UBC student as one of 50 people who “informed, entertained, inspired and empowered us all.” Ann Makosinski is the 18-year-old […]

Turf lawn for lettuce, micro-clover or polypropylene greens

CBC News interviewed Egan Davis, head of horticultural education at the UBC Botanical Garden, for a story on redefining how we think of lawns. Davis recommended integrating drought-resistant micro-clover, tall […]

The enduring relevance of ‘The Little Prince’

The National Post interviewed Judith Saltman, a professor at UBC’s School of Library, Archival and Information Studies for a story on how ‘The Little Prince’ is still relevant 73 years […]

Engineering student creation helps yogis breathe better

The Vancouver Sun featured a prize-winning invention by UBC mechanical engineering student Cindy Gu. Electronics embedded in the ‘Smart Belt’ measure a person’s breathing, notes the wearer’s base breathing pattern, […]

Tuition forces students to pick degrees by salary prospects

An article on Time Higher Education about how students choose what to study reports on research by UBC assistant professor of education Christopher Martin. Martin argues people should get access to free higher […]

McChesney brings height and potential to Thunderbirds

An article on The Province highlights a new addition to the UBC men’s basketball team. The Thunderbirds signed forward Justin McChesney who stands an impressive 6-foot-10 and will be one […]