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East Van crow infiltrates crime scene

The Vancouver Sun reported on a mischievous crow that took off with a knife from an East Vancouver crime scene. Patrick Mooney, UBC professor of landscape architecture, researches birds in […]

BC Hydro’s Site C dam rises from the historic Peace River

Karen Bakker, Canada Research Chair at UBC, was interviewed for a Vancouver Sun story on the continued construction of the Site C dam on the Peace River. “B.C. has significant […]

150 experts say move or postpone Olympics because of Zika

As Brazil is the centre of the mosquito-borne Zika virus epidemic, 150 doctors, bioethicists and scientists have signed a letter urging Olympic authorities to move or delay the 2016 Olympics, […]

Obama’s Hiroshima visit to cement ties with Japan

A Kyodo News story about U.S. President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima features an interview with Yves Tiberghien, head of the Institute of Asian Research at UBC. Obama spoke near the […]

That new superbug was found in a UTI and that’s key

A Wired story on the connection between antibiotic-resistant bacteria and urinary tract infections features research by UBC epidemiologist Amee Manges. Manges has found that routine surveillance of UTIs can help […]

New research could make pipelines safer

News 1130 reported on a UBCO engineering study that could help oil and gas companies avoid pipeline failures. An engineering model could shed light on what parts of a pipeline […]

Millennials are increasingly living with parents

Paul Kershaw, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health and Generation Squeeze spokesperson, was interviewed for a Huffington Post Canada article about why more millennials live with […]

A simple solution to Canada’s climate challenge

The Toronto Star published an op-ed co-authored by UBC economics professors Werner Antweiler and Sumeet Gulati on a solution to climate change. The authors say the answer is “a nationwide carbon price high […]

Using smartphone excessively gives you faux-ADHD

A University of Virginia-UBC study links smartphone alerts to symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, reports Quartz. “The results were clear: more frequent phone interruptions made people less attentive and […]

Carbon Engineering Ltd. aims to fight greenhouse gases

BC Business reported on the $8.5-million carbon-capture facility in Squamish and quoted UBC business professor Werner Antweiler. He said that the economics don’t make sense yet and the high operating […]

This 22-year-old found four new planets

A UBC astronomy student has discovered four planets beyond our solar system, reports Motherboard, The Province and other media outlets. Michelle Kunimoto, who’s graduating with a bachelor degree in physics […]

Monies for Vancouver signals dismal government funding

Vancouver is one of 100 global cities to receive over $1 million in funds and support from a non-profit organization in the 100 Resilient Cities network. In a Metro News […]

DNA studied to solve brain disease

UBC researchers are identifying the genetic underpinning of intellectual disabilities by sampling DNA from chronically sick children, according to Vancouver 24 Hours. The study is the first of its kind, said UBC principal investigator […]

Scientists find cure for concrete cancer

Durability and Design reported on UBCO engineering research that cures so-called ‘concrete cancer.’ Researchers can now calm a chemical reaction that has caused glass-fed concrete to weaken, expand and crack. This […]

UBCO professor wants to hear from climate change deniers

Kelowna Now reported on a workshop and panel discussion on climate change skeptics hosted by UBCO sustainability professor Greg Garrad. Garrard is hosting the event along with the UBCO faculty […]

Geographer saw early signs of Chinese buyers in Vancouver

UBC geographer David Ley is featured in a Globe and Mail story on foreign investment in Vancouver real estate. Vancouver has been listed as one of the top three intended […]

Housing wealth: The taxing issue of our time

Amid the soaring Metro Vancouver housing prices, a story on the Globe and Mail highlighted work by Paul Kershaw, the UBC professor who founded the Generation Squeeze campaign. Kershaw suggests a policy […]

In defence of provincial exams and content-driven curriculum

The Huffington Post published story on the changes to the B.C. school curriculum that include fewer provincial exams. The author favours provincial exams and presents his argument in response to […]

UBCO student wins international award

Heather Hackett, a student at UBCO’s School of Health Sciences and Exercise Sciences, was honoured for identifying a non-invasive technique to measure blood flow in the heart and lungs, Kelowna […]