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UBC Reports | May 6

UBC Reports | May 6

B.C. breakthrough helps calm preemies too fragile to be held

UBC researchers have developed a device that simulates skin-to-skin contact for babies who are too fragile to be held by their mothers, reports CTV News. Skin-to-skin contact helps stabilize the […]

How Donald Trump became the last Republican standing

UBC political science professor Maxwell Cameron analyzed Donald Trump’s rise in the Republican stakes in an interview on Global BC. “I don’t think there’s any way to stop Donald Trump at […]

How irritable are YOU?

UBC Okanagan researchers have developed a short test to assess irritability, reports the Daily Mail. “[Irritability] often goes with stress, it goes with depression, it goes with anxiety, it goes […]

Elderly women and inappropriate prescriptions

A new UBC study found that nearly one in three women over age 65 in B.C. have received inappropriate prescription drugs, reports China’s Xinhua news agency. “The effect of a […]

Urban cyclists: Don’t breathe on busy roads

Riding on congested city streets, industrial areas or suburban thoroughfares increases the amount of toxic chemicals absorbed by your body, according to a new study by UBC professor of civil […]

Fish adapted colour vision in blink of evolutionary eye

Discovery highlighted a new UBC study which found that stickleback fish adapted their vision to new environments in less than 10,000 years–a blink of an eye in evolutionary terms. The […]


Michael Kobor, associate professor in UBC’s department of medical genetics and a scientist at the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, explains how the environment affects our genes on a […]

Three Canadian universities among top 50 in the world

Three Canadian universities–the University of Toronto, UBC and McGill University–have been ranked among the top 50 in the world by Times Higher Education, report Yahoo Finance and other media outlets.

After jokey start, Trudeau promises wildfire help

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has received some criticism for his initial handling of the Fort McMurray wildfire but UBC political science professor Richard Johnston believes the damage won’t last long. […]

Thousands flee from wildfire

Sputnik News reported on the wildfire in Fort McMurray. The article quoted David Andison, adjunct professor with the faculty of forestry at UBC, who said a longer, more severe fire season will […]

Top 10 happiest countries in 2016

People’s Daily highlighted the latest World Happiness Report produced by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the U.N. and UBC. Denmark is the happiest country out of 156 countries ranked […]

Some Crohn’s genes make cells deaf

New research has found that people with Crohn’s disease have genes that make cells deaf to messages from gut bacteria, Science News reported. This means they aren’t getting the benefit […]

Tech millionaire steps in to save historic Friedman House

A tech millionaire from Ottawa has stepped in to buy the Friedman House, a mid-century home in University Endowment Lands that had been targeted for demolition, reports the Globe and […]

Sex and the self-driving car: Who’s in the driver’s seat?

UBC transportation expert AnnaLisa Meyboom is quoted in a Globe and Mail article exploring the future of driverless cars Meyboom disputes popular ideas that self-driving vehicles could ultimately eliminate traffic […]