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Buono shares NFL’s interest in luring Taylor Loffler to camp

The Vancouver Sun highlighted NFL interest in UBC Thunderbirds safety Taylor Loffler. Loffler, a free agent, has received an invitation to a three-day rookie camp from the New York Giants, […]

2 men charged in connection with alleged UBC sex assault

Two men face charges of breaking and entering in connection with an incident at an apartment building on UBC’s Point Grey campus, reports CBC News. David Singh Tucker, 28, and […]

Crowtrax: New map that tracks crows

This time of year is breeding season for crows and with nests to protect, they’re dive bombing and being much more active in their response to perceived threats, UBC behavioural […]

Marijuana regulation and law enforcement

How marijuana should be regulated was the topic of a B.C. Almanac segment. “I agree that if you want to minimize health risks and make it more difficult for especially […]

Emergency preparedness in B.C.

Kent Johansen, a technical engineer with the earthquake engineering research facility at UBC, discussed B.C.’s emergency preparedness on CBC’s B.C. Almanac (segment starts at 40:15). Johansen recommends preparing a kit […]

School budget decisions

Bill Bruneau, a UBC professor emeritus and former Vancouver school trustee, discussed the difficult decisions school boards have to make on B.C. Almanac. “[School boards] are going to be just […]

Third-generation locals are hard to find

Metro Vancouver’s population is so mobile that third-generation locals are hard to find, according to a Vancouver Sun article. The author cited UBC geographer Daniel Hiebert, who pointed to Statistics […]

Health professionals need to understand near-death research

Psychiatrist and UBC professor Dr. Elaine Drysdale is teaching medical students and staff why it’s helpful to understand patients’ near-death experiences. “It’s not considered to be mainstream medicine, and yet […]

Budget woes prompts discussion about funding formula

The formula of funding school districts on the basis of student enrolment is being questioned as B.C. schools battle budget woes, reports News 1130. It’s time to reevaluate the situation, […]

Risks of medical tourism

Air Canada’s launch of direct flights between Vancouver and Delhi this October could increase the flow of medical tourists to India, according to News 1130. Dr. Michael Curry, an emergency […]

Should we let the experts plan?

A Vancouver Courier column by planner Michael Geller examines the question of who should plan Vancouver’s future. The article cites the Urbanarium debates, a project co-organized by UBC’s school of […]

UBCO prof will travel to Rwanda to promote play

UBC Okanagan education professor Stephen Berg is travelling to Rwanda to introduce playtime into classrooms, reports Kelowna Now. Berg is collaborating working with the organization, Right To Play.

New Kelowna partnership will expand mental health services

UBC Okanagan is partnering with a non-profit group in Kelowna to expand health services, reports Kelowna Now. The five-year program provides for clinical placements in a mental health clinic for […]

B.C. dispensaries embrace fines to keep making a profit

The growth of B.C. marijuana dispensaries is a unique test tube of market forces, UBC professor and cannabis researcher Zach Walsh told Yahoo Finance. “People seem to be concerned there’s […]

Dogs actually hate hugs

A Psychology Today blog post by UBC canine behaviour expert Stanley Coren continues to attract media attention. Coren examined 250 random images of people hugging dogs and found that more […]

Could psychedelic drugs help keep ex-inmates out of jail?

A UBC study shows that psychedelic drugs like LSD might help reduce domestic violence among men with substance abuse problems, reports Motherboard. The study found that 42 per cent of […]

Serious putty

The Scientist highlighted the discovery of a naturally occurring clay that could be used as an antibiotic. The clay is used in traditional aboriginal medicine and was found to have […]

The science behind peacock feathers

UBC research has found that it’s not just peacocks’ visual display of their eyespots that attract potential mates, Tech Times reported. Peacocks also produce a low-frequency sound that peahens can […]