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UBC Symphony Orchestra with the winner of the UBC Concerto Competition, Melody Yuan, violin

Will you sprint, stroll or stumble into a career?

For many young people, the path to full adulthood is not as clear-cut as it was for their parents, according to a New York Times article, with some young adults […]

UBC students race to build 2nd concrete canoe

UBC engineering students have built a second concrete canoe for competition after their first canoe didn’t work out, reports Global News. The students are competing in Idaho at the American […]

Opioid painkiller may be new treatment for heroin addiction

Hydromorphone, an opioid painkiller, may be another treatment option for heroin addiction, finds a new Canadian study. “Providing injectable opioids in specialized clinics under supervision ensures safety of both the patients and […]

Exercise recommendations more than needed for healthy life

Exercising 150 minutes per week is not the health standard everyone should meet, says a UBC study, UPI reported. “The preponderance of evidence simply does not support this contention,” said […]

Thunderbirds football players pick up their Vanier Cup rings

Members of the 2015 Vanier Cup champion UBC Thunderbirds football team received their Vanier Cup rings at the 13th Man Foundation gala dinner held to celebrate UBC football, reports Vancity […]

How email made you less productive

A UBC study that found people were less stressed when they limited access to their emails is mentioned in a new Forbes article on how email can affect productivity. “Email […]

Take the ‘mean girls’ test

A UBC study on the role genes play in our emotions is mentioned in a UK Daily Mail article about how being a drama queen could possibly be a biological […]

Why does happiness inequality matter?

Happiness inequality, like income inequality, is on the rise, according to this year’s World Happiness Report, The Huffington Post reported. The World Happiness Report is co-authored by UBC researchers.

The Kafka Effect

Unexpected change, or encountering something that doesn’t make sense, can spur the brain into creative heights, says a Psychology Today article. The writer described a UBC study which found that […]

Seismic protection for buildings

UBC earthquake expert Carlos Ventura was interviewed for a Fairchild TV segment (in Cantonese) on the seismic readiness of Lower Mainland hospitals. Seismic reports show that a few hospitals are […]

Tax haven crackdown could boost Liberal books by billions

The Liberal government hopes to crack down on tax avoidance to help balance its budget, reports Yahoo. The Canada Revenue Agency said they are looking into the leaked Panama Papers to build on […]

Faculty association accuses UBC of illegally suppressing records

The UBC Faculty Association has filed a complaint with the B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner alleging that the school failed to release records that should be made public, reports the Globe […]

Air quality expert “deeply disappointed” in Ajax’s modelling strategy

A group called the “Kamloops Moms for Clean Air” have recruited Douw Steyn, a professor of atmospheric sciences at UBC, to better understand how air quality could be affected by the […]

UBC professor examines impact of reforestation

Adam Wei, a professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at UBC’s Okanagan campus, is launching a study that will look at forest management practices and how they affect the balance between carbon […]

Nanitch reflects B.C. history through Langmann collection

The Georgia Straight highlighted a survey of historical photographs of B.C. on view at Presentation House Gallery. The show spans a 60-year period from the 1860s to the early 1920s […]

A stronger relationship with China’s despotic regime

A National Post article criticized the Liberal government’s China policy and the public relations effort being done to make it acceptable to Canadians. The article quoted Paul Evans, a China […]