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The Human Impact of the War on Drugs

Dr. Shaylih Muehlmann explores the failure of the war on drugs from the perspective of Mexicans who have experienced the brunt of violence.

UBC volleyball open search for new men’s head coaches

UBC announced Friday the departure of 13-year head men’s volleyball coach Richard Schick, The Province reported. Schick’s tenure saw the school producing a 174-142 record.

How did evil evolve, and why did it persist?

A BBC article focused on the origins of evil — actions that cause intentional suffering, destruction or damage to someone for the benefit of the doer. The article mentioned research by […]

Signs of a ‘real estate ripple effect’ in Vancouver area

UBC housing economist Thomas Davidoff believes buyers priced out of Vancouver-area homes are moving out to the suburbs or even to Vancouver Island. “It’s clear in recent years it’s been […]

Untreated sleep apnea doubles your risk of workplace injury

New UBC research shows that people with untreated sleep apnea are twice as likely to get hurt at work compared to those without the condition, reports the Huffington Post. “People […]

Farmed salmon like their walls painted black, UBC study finds

A UBC study has found that farmed salmon prefer to stay near dark walls and are less aggressive in black tanks. The results shed light on their comfort and suggest […]

Are supervised drug injection sites a wild idea?

UBC professor of medicine Thomas Kerr recounted the bumpy history of Vancouver’s supervised injection site, InSite in a Seattle Times op-ed. Kerr said InSite’s existence didn’t lead to higher crime […]

Space junk: a clear and present danger

Space junk–the debris produced by 5,000 orbital-rocket launches since 1957–is a growing problem that endangers communication satellites and could potentially trap humanity on earth under clouds of floating debris, wrote […]

Institutional investors must lead our transition to long-term sustainability

UBC law professor Janis Sarra commended the University of Toronto’s plan to direct its $6.5-billion in assets under long-term management to support the fight against climate change. In a Globe […]

Man attempts to break into UBC residence lounge

A man attempted to break into a UBC residence lounge where a female resident was studying, media outlets reported over the weekend. The incident happened early Friday morning and UBC […]

Bench Accounting aims to take the pain out of bookkeeping

A Globe and Mail article profiled Bench Accounting, a Vancouver-based provider of automated bookkeeping for small businesses. The company was founded by UBC graduate Ian Crosby, after a short bookkeeping […]

Governance issues at UBC

The UBC board’s governance committee will review its policies when it meets on April 4 to show its commitment to accountability, reports the Vancouver Sun. Another article discussed a letter by two […]

Effort to attract head offices to Vancouver starts to pay off

Vancouver is becoming a popular location for the foreign head offices of Chinese companies, according to The Province. However, Chinese-Canadian partnerships don’t always succeed. UBC wood science professor David Cohen […]

Arctic rescue fears loom

A large cruise ship will sail the Northwest Passage in August with 1,000 passengers and more than 600 crew on board, and experts like UBC’s Michael Byers are concerned that […]

Private investigators won’t fix the housing market

UBC real estate expert Tsur Somerville believes bringing in private investigators to examine shady real estate deals in B.C. isn’t the answer to housing issues. “I don’t think the shady […]

Family Ties: Solve your kid’s sleep problems

UBC nursing professor and sleep expert Wendy Hall will talk about the importance of sleep in childhood development on April 14 at the Burnaby Neighbourhood House. This article appeared in […]

Designing a Mars lander

Second-year engineering students at UBC Okanagan showed off Mars lander robots Friday as a highlight of their term, with 37 teams competing to see whose machine managed a variety of […]

Justice on campus

Most Canadian universities try to resolve harassment and discrimination complaints through informal processes, according to data collected by the Globe and Mail. Informal processes are considered less damaging or ugly […]

Safe cycle to UBCO

A new cycling route to UBC Okanagan will be ready by the start of the fall semester, Castanet reported. The route will link Bulman Road with the UBCO campus.