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Stickleback becoming victim of ‘reverse speciation’

CBC News highlighted a UBC researcher’s discovery of reverse speciation on Vancouver Island. According to zoology PhD student Seth Rudman, two species of stickleback fish in Enos Lake started to […]

Shakespeare’s transgender spirit sparks UBC professor’s talk

The Ariel character in Shakespeare’s play The Tempest echoes the experience of many trans people, according to UBC English professor Mary Ann Saunders. Saunders told CBC News that some of […]

Berdahl resigns from presidential search committee

UBC professor Jennifer Berdahl has resigned from the search committee for a new UBC president, reports the Vancouver Sun. Berdahl said she had “lost confidence in the willingness of the […]

UBC receives $1.4 million in research funding

UBC has received $1.4 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund to support 10 research projects in areas including cystic fibrosis, food safety, and herpes […]

How your surroundings could be killing you

TIME highlighted a World Health Organization study that linked the effects of air pollution to mortality rates. The report found that more than 12.5 million deaths worldwide each year can […]

Welfare recipients seen as ‘immoral’ for buying organic food

A recent UBC study suggests people judge welfare recipients harshly if they buy organic food, reports the Huffington Post. “We discovered a double standard where people are judged differently for […]

Another community making playgrounds risky

The municipality of Delta, B.C. is proposing to introduce risky play elements in its Annieville playground, following in Richmond’s footsteps, report the Huffington Post and Metro News. UBC professor Mariana […]

Trump promises a time machine for blue-collar Americans

Peter Klein, director of the UBC Global Reporting Centre, says Donald Trump is appealing to American voters by promising to bring back a vanished era. Many working-class Americans are upset […]

To counter exam stress, cram in exercise

A new study from Germany suggests that stress from exercise helps the body adjust to other stressors, such as exams, reports the Globe and Mail. “The stress response is a […]

Hewitt Bostock Lecture: Justice Murray Sinclair

Suspect in UBC Pride flag burning may be charged with mischief

The RCMP have arrested the suspect alleged to have been involved in a Pride flag burning at UBC, reports Daily Xtra. UBC vice-president Sara-Jane Finlay said the university condemns the […]

Mindfulness gaining traction on Canadian campuses

Research on mindfulness is booming, UBC’s Andrea Grabovac told University Affairs. Grabovac, a clinical assistant professor in psychiatry, is researching how mindfulness works and is looking at effective ways of […]

Opinion: Canadian forestry sector needs rebuilding

Harry Nelson, an assistant professor and Ngaio Hotte, a resource economist in the faculty of forestry at UBC, are calling for change in Canada’s forestry sector to rebuild it at a […]