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Extreme specificity: How to turn on a gene in only six brain cells

Extreme specificity: How to turn on a gene in only six brain cells Thu Mar 10 2016, 12:30 – 1:30 PM Life Sciences Centre Anthony Brandt’s PhD exit seminar from […]

Is the new St. Paul’s Hospital site safe enough?

On The Coast highlighted concerns that the new site for St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver could liquefy during an earthquake. Carlos Ventura, director of UBC’s earthquake engineering research facility, told […]

Taxing vacant homes would increase housing stock

A new city-led report released this week found that there are about 11,000 vacant homes in Vancouver, mostly condos. UBC economics professor Josh Gottlieb told CBC Early Edition that by raising Vancouver’s […]

Concussion study shows brain damage lasts longer than thought

A new UBC study shows brain damage from concussions lasts longer than clinical symptoms suggest, reports CBC On The Coast. Researcher Alex Rauscher performed MRI scans on 11 athletes who had […]

Why there are quirks in Canadian English

UBC linguistics professor Gunnar Hansson was interviewed on Global BC about the peculiarities in Canadian pronunciation, such as data being pronounced in two different ways. According to Hansson, many of […]

Vacant-homes study: Condo owners urge caution

UBC real estate economist Tom Davidoff as quoted in a Vancouver Sun story on empty condos. Davidoff said that while vacant homes may not be the main factor driving home […]

Frustrated Burnaby family outbid on 16 homes in two years

News 1130 reported on the plight of a Burnaby family who was outbid on 16 homes in two years. UBC real estate expert Tsur Sommerville commented that outbidding is getting […]

B.C. will help two homeless men sent west

Kerry Jang, a Vancouver councilor and a UBC psychiatry professor, says the story of two homeless men sent to B.C. by the Saskatchewan government reflects the challenge of homelessness across […]

Canada’s Justin Trudeau brings a warm front to Washington

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is getting a particularly warm welcome in Washington because his politics align closely with Barack Obama’s, reports CNN. “The new prime minister would fit almost perfectly […]

How viruses in our DNA supercharged our immune system

The Atlantic featured the recent discovery by U.S. scientists that the human body has evolved to use remnants of ancient viruses to coordinate the immune system’s reaction against other pathogens. […]

Our ability to speak doesn’t begin with our first words

UBC developmental psychologist Janet Werker talked about her research on how babies learn language in an interview with KOSU public radio. How strongly a baby sucks is a well-known indicator […]

Down payments keep millennials out of home ownership

The Globe and Mail highlighted research by UBC policy professor Paul Kershaw as part of a series on the challenges different age groups face when trying to buy a home. […]

2016 CIS Final 8 | Men’s Basketball National Championship

Isolation in remote areas

Peter Suedfeld, a professor emeritus of psychology at UBC spoke to Roundhouse Radio about his research on isolation in the Antarctic. According to Suedfeld, the impact of isolation and confinement […]