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UBC Reports | February 12

Raj Patel: How Will We Eat In The Future?

UBC Reads Sustainability presents author Raj Patel, academic, journalist, activist and writer.

Humanity’s best friend deserves legal recognition

Humanity’s best friend deserves legal recognition

Humanity’s best friend deserves legal recognition Stanley Coren, a dog expert and an emeritus professor at UBC, is calling for legal recognition of the sentience of dogs. Read more here.

Clutch defence helps UBC win first game of the ‘World’ Cup

Clutch defence helps UBC win first game of the ‘World’ Cup

The UBC Thunderbirds won the first leg of the 2016 edition of the ‘World’ Cup series, earning a come-from-behind 20-15 victory over the California Golden Bears Saturday afternoon.

UBCO team may have revolutionized glass

By adding silver to glass, UBC Okanagan engineers found that the household staple could potentially do double duty as big screen TV or thermostat, reports CTV News (16:30 mark). The addition […]

Single women outnumber men in Winnipeg’s dating pool

A CBC Manitoba story on Winnipeg’s dating scene mentions UBC economics professor Marina Adshade. Adshade said educated women are particularly disadvantaged in Winnipeg’s dating scene–a scenario that plays out across […]

Piano and erhu duo make contemporary music

CBC News featured the musical duo of Corey Hamm, pianist and UBC professor of music, and Nicole Ge Li, erhu player. Hamm and Li are touring China in May. The […]

CEOs of publicly-traded companies fired too soon

Leaders of publicly traded companies are fired too quickly when share prices go down, and this hurts the firms in the long run, according to a new UBC study featured […]

UBC should reject divestment and stand up for B.C. jobs

In a Vancouver Sun op-ed, B.C. union leaders called on UBC to reject divestment calls and focus instead on doing research that leads to better energy use and creative solutions […]

Fear of a vengeful God may explain humanity’s global expansion

Washington Post highlighted new research out of UBC that shows fear of vengeful gods enabled humanity’s formation of large communities and institutions. The scientists conducted research in eight communities around […]

Why you can’t get that top 40 song out of your head

In an interview with Huffington Post, UBC music professor David Metzer says certain songs like Adele’s Hello are so catchy because they employ the power ballad formula. The song starts […]

CBD is the chemical medical marijuana is buzzing about

In medical marijuana circles, the buzz nowadays is about cannabidiol (CBD), not THC, according to Huffington Post. CBD doesn’t cause a high and has a wide range of medical benefits, […]

Women considered better coders–if they hide their gender

Gender bias in GitHub, a large open-source software community, was the focus of a new article in The Guardian. One of the developers interviewed is Jenny Bryan, a UBC statistics […]

Do teething toys disrupt how babies learn language?

Scientific American featured the work of UBC cognitive scientist Alison Bruderer in an article on the link between our perception of speech and the brain areas that control mouth movements. […]

Ford claims its new headlights make you feel better

The headlights on the new Ford GT was the focus of a Wired article, which noted that car makers are offering increasingly sophisticated lighting systems. The new Ford lights are […]

Prioritize time over money and you’ll be happier

Wealth has its limits as a happiness booster, according to a new Inc. article. The article mentioned UBC research which asked students and members of the public in Canada and […]

3 Valentine’s Day gift giving scenarios in the game of love

UBC economist Marina Adshade outlined three gift-giving scenarios for couples on Valentine’s Day on ABC TV. If both “players” buy gifts, everybody’s happy. If only one person buys a gift, […]