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Economy, security woes dent Trudeau’s popularity

Prime Minister Trudeau still enjoys strong popularity at home but economic and security concerns have dented his support somewhat, according to articles on MSN and Yahoo. But UBC economist Werner Antweiler […]

Calming the teenage mind in the classroom

Preliminary studies on mindfulness show that it improves students’ memory, school performance and social relationships, UBC pediatrician Dzung Vo told CNN. Vo, author of a book on mindfulness for teens, […]

How much do Super Bowl adverts actually cost?

Super Bowl advertising costs were the focus of a new Independent article. Event organizers charge around $5 million for a 30-second advertising slot and according to UBC marketing professor Chuck […]

Liberals using consultations to avoid making decisions: critics

Tory critics are accusing the Liberals of using consultations as a way to defer making decisions, reports the Huffington Post. However, UBC political scientist Kathryn Harrison says public consultations can […]

LFS Centennial Session — Temple Grandin: maintaining high standards in animal welfare

Signs someone you know is a psychopath in disguise

A Huffington Post article on sociopaths and psychopaths mentioned a checklist of psychopathic traits developed by Robert Hare, emeritus professor of psychology at UBC. The checklist is a diagnostic tool that […]

3 billion tons of cereal crops lost from 1964 to 2007

Nearly a tenth of cereal crops were wiped out by droughts and heat waves between 1964 and 2007, according to a UBC study featured on Accuweather. The researchers studied crop […]

What it would take to institute Universal Basic Income

The cost of instituting a universal basic income (UBI)–an idea that’s attracting advocates in Canada–far outweighs the benefit, UBC economics professor Kevin Milligan told Quartz. “UBI is great at reducing […]

Being in traffic could mean YOUR child will get asthma

A UBC-led study has found that exposure to pollution while still in the womb greatly increases a child’s chances of developing asthma before age five, reports the Daily Express. The researchers […]

Should you give up dairy to lose weight?

Fitness magazine highlighted growing interest in veganism and a dairy-free diet due to environmental and animal welfare concerns and a desire to lose weight. UBC nutrition professor Susan Barr cautions […]