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The emotional impact of losing

Eating decisions are as much influenced by emotions and environmental factors as by will power, UBC marketing professor Yann Cornil and a colleague wrote in a Washington Post op-ed. Cornil […]

Shadow flipping allegations spark calls for investigation

CBC News and Yahoo reported on calls for an independent investigation into allegations of shadow flipping (the reassigning of sales contracts before the sale of a home is completed) in Vancouver’s real […]

Piano and erhu duo make contemporary music

CBC News featured UBC pianist Corey Hamm and erhu player Nicole Ge Li, who will present their contemporary take on the classic combination of piano and erhu in their tour […]

Eating disorders in university becoming more common

Eating disorders are common among university students because they’re struggling to adjust to post-secondary life and fit in with their peers, UBC Okanagan nutrition expert Sally Willis-Stewart told CBC News. […]

Sleepless in East Vancouver

About 120 students at Vancouver Technical Secondary School stayed up all night starting from Friday at dusk to underscore the issues caused by lack of sleep, report CBC News and Yahoo. […]

Kelowna project finds universal disappointments, loves

CBC featured a UBC Okanagan project that set up three large canvases in downtown Kelowna to solicit people’s thoughts on “big questions” such as “What’s something you cherish most?” According […]

Humanity’s best friend deserves legal recognition

Stanley Coren, a dog expert and an emeritus professor at UBC, is calling for legal recognition of the sentience of dogs. Coren wrote in a Globe and Mail  op-ed: “In recent […]

Genetic ‘light switch’ turns obesity on or off early in life

A genetic “switch” that could be triggered by a still-unknown factor early in life could be the reason many obese people are overweight, according to a study led by Andrew […]

Editorial: A clash of traditions at UBC

A Vancouver Sun editorial analyzed a UBC scholar’s complaint to the B.C. human rights tribunal concerning her dismissal from UBC after failing to publish peer-reviewed research as required by the school. […]

Sisters of Saint Ann donate $3 million to UBC college

The Sisters of Saint Ann are donating $3 million to establish the Marie Blondin Chair in Theology at UBC’s Saint Mark’s College, report the Vancouver Sun and The Province. The college […]

Migration trends can be surprising

A Vancouver Sun article on migration trends in Canada touches on the “misuse” of the term racism by many Canadians, who believe that it means failure to recognize that everyone is […]

Why won’t universities divest?

George Hoberg, a professor of forest resources management at UBC, and three colleagues from Simon Fraser University and University of Victoria lamented Canadian universities’ failure to divest from fossil fuels. […]

Professors blast UBC’s “failures of governance”

In a Vancouver Observer op-ed, three UBC education professors criticized the UBC board for “failures of governance.”

Tech spurs new business model for First Nations art

BC Business featured a new business model for First Nations art that uses technology to help First Nations carvers expand the market for their work. The B.C. Coast Aboriginal Doors […]

DTES app bridges social service information gap, a new web app that provides the location of the nearest Downtown East Side services was featured in Metro News. The app was created by the DTES Literacy Roundtable, […]

UBC Theatre production flips Orpheus myth on its head

North Shore News highlighted UBC Theatre’s production of Eurydice, calling it a “contemporary retelling of the Orpheus myth.”

Blame the dollar and Californian drought for produce prices

UBC Okanagan economics professor John Janmaat says the exchange rate and the drought in California are behind rising produce prices in Canada. Janmaat told Kelowna Now that Canadian producers will […]

Ghomeshi trial shows legal power of emails

The Ghomeshi trial highlights the growing importance of electronic data such as emails in criminal and civil cases, according to a Canadian Press article. Ronald Cenfetelli, chair in management information […]