Canada has signed the TPP. Now should we ratify it?

Kurt Hübner, director of the Institute for European Studies at UBC, says Canada may have made too many concessions to join the Trans Pacific Partnership and should think twice before ratifying the deal.

“Canada came very late to the game, meaning our previous government tried very hard to join TPP negotiations. They may have made too many concessions,” Hubner told Global News. “The [former] Harper government already signalled there would be payouts for those potential losers, particularly the dairy sector and the food sector.”

A big concern, according to UBC political scientist Yves Tiberghien, is that TPP is being positioned by the Japanese leadership and some sectors in the U.S. as a hedge against China, which would bring a lot of security concerns into trade. On the positive side, the TPP could boost agriculture, Tiberghien told CBC’s Early Edition.