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Poll finds more transit funding unpopular whatever the source

UBC political science PhD candidate David Moscrop commented on political psychology on CBC Early Edition. People don’t want to pay taxes but “the problem is what you end up with […]

Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders because of a coin toss

In at least six precincts in Iowa, tied Democratic caucus votes were decided by a coin toss, reports The Telegraph. The article mentions a UBC study that found that a […]

The case for testing drugs on pregnant women

UBC medical geneticist Jan Friedman is quoted in a article examining the issue of testing drugs on pregnant women. Scientists know very little about drug safety during pregnancy, Friedman […]

Cantonese still thriving in Metro Vancouver

The city’s newest Chinese immigrants tend to be Mandarin speakers, not Cantonese, according to a Vancouver Sun article. Ross King, head of UBC’s Asian Studies program, discussed a new undergraduate, […]

Innovative program opens new doors to B.C.’s indigenous artists

The Aboriginal Doors program created by UBC and Emily Carr University was featured in the Globe and Mail. The program involves indigenous B.C. artists carving door panels which are then reproduced […]

You’re more productive than you think

A National Post article on Canadian productivity mentions a 2012 study by UBC’s Erwin Diewert and Emily Yu of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The authors proposed a […]

Vancouver researcher finding meaning in fantasy flicks

A UBC study called the World Hobbit Project found that moviegoers try to find themes in fantasy films that relate to their own lives and concerns, reports Metro News. “Humans […]

UBC depression study finds men are their own worst enemy

Helping men with depression probably means helping them to manage their own self-criticism, according to a UBC study reported in the Georgia Straight. The UBC study found that most respondents […]

Researchers transfer moms’ immune-boosting bacteria from birth canal to C-section babies

Researchers have successfully transferred immune-boosting bacteria from moms to their caesarean-born babies, according to a Toronto Star article. The research involved swabbing the infants with birth fluids immediately after delivery. […]

Prof’s program aimed at fighting frailty

Kelowna Daily Courier highlighted a health program designed by UBC Okanagan health and exercise sciences professor Jenn Jakobi. The program is designed to keep senior Canadians strong and independent.

Canada open to dialogue with Russia

A article on the federal government’s shift towards Russia quoted UBC political science professor Michael Byers, who believes that Russia’s record of scientific cooperation in the Arctic has been […]

The limits of camera monitoring to reduce caregiver abuse

Research published last year by a UBC PhD student, Gloria Puurveen, showed that temporary exposure to camera monitoring can lead caregivers to provide “less organic” care. The research examined the […]

Violence and Religion: East Asian Perspectives