UBC experts on Citizenship Act changes

Canada flag

UBC experts are available to comment on the newly announced changes to the Citizenship Act.

Efrat Arbel
Tel: 604-722-6162

  • Refugee and immigration law
  • “The proposed provisions allowing the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to strip dual nationals of Canadian citizenship are deeply concerning. The Canadian criminal justice system already has established mechanisms by which to effectively punish individuals who commit unlawful acts. Giving elected officials the authority to strip people of citizenship is inconsistent withbasic notions of justice. These provisions do not reinforce the value of Canadian citizenship, they undermine it.”

Catherine Dauvergne
Tel: 604-827-3055

  • Refugee and immigration law
  • “Citizenship stripping is not only barbaric it is also cowardly. The effects of this proposed law is to foster Canadian and global insecurity. Canada has the ability to detect and monitor activity that threatens Canada’s security, and these abilities are stronger in Canada than in many places in the world. Stripping criminal wrongdoers of Canadian citizenship, and sending people who commit heinous crimes to dark corners of the world will only make it harder for Canada to combat global terrorism and acts of war.”

Rima Wilkes
UBC Sociology
Tel: 604-822-6855

  • Attitudes towards immigrants and immigration in Canada
  • “We need to ask ourselves what, exactly, is the problem that this legislation is targeting and who is this legislation directed at? Ultimately, will it be the most marginalized immigrants (refugees, those living in poverty) who will be the least able to become Canadian citizens?”