Behind the scenes of the BC RCMP June 18 emergency exercise

A story on emergency planning at UBC has been published by Trek and UBC News. The B.C. RCMP conducted a successful campus shooter exercise on June 18 – the first of two large-scale UBC simulations this year designed to test RCMP and university protocols for protecting the community.

“This was an important opportunity to work with our partners – police, fire and ambulance – to test our ability to protect the safety of the UBC community,” said Ron Holton, Chief Risk Officer and head of UBC Risk Management Services. “The size and complexity of the event shows just how seriously we take the security of our community.”

The dramatic drill took four hours and unfolded in three buildings on south campus: Forest Sciences Centre, the H.R. MacMillan Building and Totem Park Residence. “Gunmen” moved from building to building, opening fire and taking hostages, as police clashed with them repeatedly, practising the latest tactics in engagement, evacuation and hostage negotiation.

The exercise was organized by the B.C. RCMP and involved more than 300 staff from the RCMP, Vancouver Fire and Rescue, B.C. Ambulance Services, St. John’s Ambulance and the Vancouver Police Department, and over 100 UBC volunteers.

A second large-scale exercise follows this October as UBC stages ShakeOut, its largest earthquake exercise to date. An extensive information campaign will offer tips for surviving a major earthquake and will culminate on October 17 at 10:17 a.m. when every UBC community member will be asked to practise what they have learned.

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