Faculty of Land and Food Systems alumnus receives Fulbright awards

Faculty of Land and Food Systems alumnus Jeffrey Liebert (‘12, B.Sc. Global Resource Systems) has received a Fulbright Canada award to conduct research in the U.S.

Fulbright Canada is a joint, bi-national, treaty- based organization created to encourage mutual understanding between Canada and the United States through academic and cultural exchange. Liebert will conduct research at Cornell University on a project titled “Effects of Cereal Rye and Barley Cover Crop Niche Diversification on Weed Suppression in Organic No-Till Planted Soybean.”

UBC will also host three Fulbright Canada award recipients from the U.S. in the 2013-2014 academic year. Arielle Gorin from Yale University will conduct research on a project titled “Borders Crossed, Bridges Burned, Balances Shifted: The Mid-1800s Pacific Northwest & the World.” Tyrell Edwards from University of Washington will conduct research in interdisciplinary studies on a project titled “Support Services for International Student Populations in Higher Education.” Karl Frost from University of California, will conduct research in anthropology on a project titled “Ritual, Group Formation, and Cooperation.”

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