E-Week February 3-9

From February 3 to 9, UBC engineers will participate in E-Week, a week-long competition between engineering departments in events such as chariot racing, dodgeball, and student relay races. The UBC Chapter of Engineers Without Borders will also be hosting a Fair Trade Pancake Breakfast to raise funds for their projects. For more information, click here.

As part of E-Week and in conjunction with Outweek, the Engineering Undergraduate Society, Women In Engineering, Engineering Student Services, and Access and Diversity are launching a new campaign called Be an LGBT ally. An ally is someone who stands up, speaks out and offers support for a person or group that is targeted, stereotyped and discriminated against. Those who would like to support this initiative can request buttons and cards to distribute by contacting CJ Rowe at cj.rowe@ubc.ca or Margot Bell at margot.bell@ubc.ca.