University Boulevard re-opening to buses and vehicles

On Aug. 26, TransLink will begin transitioning the current trolley bus bays to their new permanent locations on University Boulevard. As a result, trolley bus and vehicle traffic will return to the roadway and pedestrians should adjust their travel through this area. The new loop opens after a phase of improvements to public spaces in the area and will be operational as of Aug. 28, 2012.

Between Aug. 26 and 28, there will be minor service impacts and changes to the trolley bus stop locations. The current bays by War Memorial Gym will now be located on the south side of University Boulevard stretching from Wesbrook Mall to East Mall. Signs will be clearly posted directing you to the temporary stop locations and trolley bus route service is expected to run without disruption.

To ensure safety, the new bus loop features clearly marked paths for cyclists and pedestrians. Cyclists entering campus via 10th Ave. should use the north side of University Boulevard. Eastbound cyclists should exit on the south side of University Boulevard, guided by ‘sharrows’ (shared-lane markings). Pedestrians should use the sidewalks at all times and cross University Boulevard only at designated cross walks when safe.

The completion of University Boulevard brings improvements in sustainable transportation including bicycle lockers at the D.H. Copp building, bus stops located closer to the heart of campus and the future Student Union Building (currently under construction), and beautiful new bus shelters (to be completed in October). The three new bus bays will serve the #4 Powell, #14 Hastings, # 9 Boundary (peak hours only) and the N17 Downtown NightBus.

Students, faculty, staff and residents will notice that improvements in the area include new lighting, paving, street trees, bicycle parking and landscaping, which are part of UBC’s work to update and improve the campus’s network of outdoor public spaces.

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