UBC honours staff excellence

Four staff members will be recognized during graduation ceremonies for extraordinary service to UBC

Rose Harper

As the senior program assistant for Arts One and the Coordinated Arts Program, Rose Harper is known for dedication and creativity in service to faculty and students.  She is recognized for her innovative efforts to promote programs, her initiatives to improve the student experience, and her success in helping students thrive in a myriad of ways in the humanities.

Jarnail Mehroke

Motivating students, improving techniques and modeling safe lab practices, Jarnail Mehroke is a teaching lab technician in the Department of Botany, Biology Program. He is known for always having time for students. Mehroke has been co-author of more than fifty conference presentations, He has also participated in UBC Reading Week projects that involved training high school students in science fair projects.

Maureen Lisle

Maureen Lisle is the visual arts technician in the Department of Creative Studies at UBC’s Okanagan campus. The woodshop is her primary domain, where she assists faculty and students with wood-related art projects. She is known as a model staff member, mentor, colleague and volunteer – she volunteers for various charitable causes and has raised money for a memorial fund scholarship.

Peter Milroy

As director of UBC Press, Peter Milroy’s leadership and technological innovation have been a driving force. UBC Press has seen a significant expansion of book production and sales, and an increase in book awards. Milroy has strengthened UBC Press’ ties to a range of associations and networks that support scholarly publishing. He is recognized as a generous and consistent mentor, encouraging staff members to pursue new areas of expertise, and supporting creative thinking and innovative ideas.