PlaceSpeak teams with UBC prof in streetcar consultation

Vancouver-based online consultation platform PlaceSpeak has launched a survey asking if city residents support the reintroduction of streetcars to neighbourhoods. Vancouver is exploring the use of streetcars as a key element of the transition to more sustainable transportation modes. PlaceSpeak has teamed up with Patrick Condon at UBC to gauge the public’s interest in restoring streetcars and associated amenities.

“Vancouver is slowly on track to meet our 2050 goals for reducing GHGs. We walk more, bike more, use transit more, and our cars less and less. But to make the next big leap requires us to think now about electrifying the transit system. It won’t help if we all use buses if those buses belch diesel fumes. Streetcars are one solution; and for many streets the cheapest one available. Our city grew with the streetcar. It might grow more sustainable with it again,” says Condon.
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